The searchable list below includes peer-reviewed publications by CPC fellows, predoctoral trainees, postdoctoral scholars, and professional staff during the period of 2004 - present. 

Additional publications by our research projects and their collaborative communities may be found on their respective web sites such as:

Keeler, Corinna; & Emch, Michael E. (Forthcoming). Infectious Disease Geography. In Martin, Jonathan (Ed.), Routledge Handbook of Health Geography.

Kumar, Manish; Gotz, David H.; Nutley, Tara; & Smith, Jason B. (Forthcoming). Research Gaps in Routine Health Information System Design Barriers to Data Quality and Use in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Literature Review. International Journal of Health Planning and Management.

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Lopez-Olmedo, Nancy; Popkin, Barry M.; & Taillie, Lindsey Smith. (Forthcoming). Socioeconomic Differences in Purchases of Foods and Beverages: Analysis of Mexican Households in 2012-2014. Journal of Nutrition.

Madkour, Aubrey Spriggs; Swiatlo, Alison; Talan, Allison; LeSar, Kendra; Broussard, Marsha; Kendall, Carl; & Seal, David W. (Forthcoming). Sources of Help for Dating Violence Victims: A Qualitative Inquiry into the Perceptions of African American Teens. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Maselko, Joanna; Bates, Lisa; Bhalotra, Sonia; Gallis, John A.; O'Donnell, Karen; Sikander, Siham; & Turner, Elizabeth L. (Forthcoming). Socioeconomic status indicators and common mental disorders: Evidence from a study of prenatal depression in Pakistan. SSM - Population Health. PMCID: PMC5769091

Mattei, Josiemer; Sotres-Alvarez, Daniela T.; Gellman, Marc D.; Castaneda, Sheila F.; Hu, Frank B.; Tucker, Katherine L.; Siega-Riz, Anna Maria; & Kaplan, Robert C. (Forthcoming). Diet Quality, Inflammation, and the Ankle Brachial Index in Adults with or without Cardiometabolic Conditions. Clinical Nutrition. PMCID: PMC5722708

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Mollborn, Stefanie; & Lawrence, Elizabeth M. (Forthcoming). Family, Peer, and School Influences on Children's Developing Health Lifestyles. Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

Mollborn, Stefanie; Lawrence, Elizabeth M.; & Root, Elisabeth Dowling. (Forthcoming). Residential Mobility across Early Childhood and Children's Kindergarten Readiness. Demography.

Moran, Emilio F.; & Walsh, Stephen J. (Forthcoming). Human Dimensions of Contemporary Land-Use Change. Island Press.

Muir, Jonathan A.; Braudt, David B.; Swindle, Jeffrey; Flaherty, Jeremy S.; & Brown, Ralph B. (Forthcoming). Community Experience in High and Low Context Cultures: A Comparison of Community Experience in the United States and Southeast Asia. City & Community.

Mulawa, Marta I.; Reyes, H. Luz McNaughton; Foshee, Vangie Ann; Halpern, Carolyn Tucker; Martin, Sandra L.; Kajula, Lusajo J.; & Maman, Suzanne. (Forthcoming). Associations between Peer Network Gender Norms and the Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence among Urban Tanzanian Men: A Multilevel Analysis. Prevention Science.

Ng, Shu Wen; & Popkin, Barry M. (Forthcoming). Time Use and Physical Activity: A Shift Away from Movement across the Globe. In Ahima, Rexford S. (Ed.), Obesity Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, and Treatment: A Multidisciplinary Approach. CRC Press.

Parke, Ross D.; & Elder, Glen H. (Forthcoming). Children in Changing Worlds: Socio-Cultural and Temporal Perspectives. Elder, Glen H. (Ed.), Cambridge University Press.

Peterman, Amber; Palermo, Tia M.; Handa, Sudhanshu; Seidenfeld, David; & Team, the Zambia Child Grant Program Evaluation. (Forthcoming). List Randomization for Soliciting Experience of Intimate Partner Violence: Application to the Evaluation of Zambia's Unconditional Child Grant Program. Health Economics.

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