2015-16 Interdisciplinary Research Seminars

All seminars are held from 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m. in Room B005, 206 W. Franklin Street unless otherwise noted.
Title Start Date
[Sep 11, 2015] Dr. Duncan Thomas, Mexicans in America 2015/09/11 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Sep 18, 2015] Dr. Klara Peter, The German Occupation of the Soviet Union in WWII: The Long-Term Effects on Health Outcomes 2015/09/18 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Sep 25, 2015] Dr. Valerie Mueller, The Migration Climate-Nexus in Central America 2015/09/25 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Oct 02, 2015] Panel Discussion, The Unrealized Horrors of Population Explosion 2015/10/02 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Oct 09, 2015] Dr. Anastasia (Stacey) Gage, Child Marriage Prevention in Amhara Region, Ethiopia: Association of Communication Exposure and Social Influence with Parents/Guardians’ Knowledge and Attitudes 2015/10/09 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Oct 23, 2015] Dr. Luca Flabbi, Do Female Executives Make a Difference? The Impact of Female Leadership on Gender Gaps and Firm Performance 2015/10/23 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Oct 30, 2015] Dr. Clare Barrington, CPC Research Methods Series: Stories and Themes: A Framework for Qualitative Analysis 2015/10/30 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Nov 06, 2015] Dr. Kris Marsh, The Interrelationship between the Status of Singlehood and the Long-term Implications for Racial and Economic Inequality 2015/11/06 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Nov 13, 2015] Dr. Jason Boardman, Summarizing Interactions between People, Places, and Genes 2015/11/13 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Nov 20, 2015] Dr. Amy Herring and Dr. Annie Green Howard, CPC Research Methods Series: Cleaning Up After Missing Data: Pitfalls and Priorities 2015/11/20 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Jan 15, 2016] Dr. Daniel Schneider, Fertility and the Great Recession 2016/01/15 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Jan 22, 2016] Dr. Siân Curtis, Household Decision-making, Gender and Groundnuts in Zambia 2016/01/22 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Jan 29, 2016] Dr. Christy Avery, Using Genomics to Prevent Adverse Drug Reactions in Global Populations 2016/01/29 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Feb 4, 2016] Dr. Lawrence Haddad, Can We Really End Malnutrition by 2030?: The Case For and Against 2016/02/04 15:30:00 US/Eastern
[Feb 12, 2016] Dr. Jill Stewart, The Impact of Intensive Livestock Production on the Disease Ecology of Antibiotic Resistant Staphylococcus 2016/02/12 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Feb 19, 2016] Dr. Tod Hamilton, Selective Migration and the Health of Black Immigrants in the United States 2016/02/19 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Feb 26, 2016] Dr. Ashu Handa, Global Estimates of Children’s and Young Person’s Food Insecurity using the Gallup World Poll 2016/02/26 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Mar 4, 2016] Dr Audrey Pettifor, Cash Transfers to Prevent HIV Infection: State of the Evidence and Implications for Programs 2016/03/04 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Apr 8, 2016] Dr. Jenifer Van Hook, Dietary Acculturation among Mexican-origin Children 2016/04/08 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Apr 22, 2016] Dr. Ted Mouw, The Effect of Ethnic Enclaves on Job Matching and Wage Growth: Evidence using Co-worker and City of Birth Networks in the LEHD 2016/04/22 12:00:00 GMT-4

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