Past Events

Title Description Start Date
[Jul 6, 2018] Evaluating modifiable cardiometabolic risk factors in Puerto Rico before and after Hurricane Maria 2018/07/06 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Apr 19, 2018] America's Immigration Policy Fiasco UDRY DISTINGUISHED LECTURE 2018/04/19 15:30:00 GMT-4
[Apr 13, 2018] Finite Mixture Models Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2018/04/13 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Apr 6, 2018] The Battle Over Reproductive Rights in Texas: Did Research Matter? Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2018/04/06 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Mar 23, 2018] Planning Racial Inequality Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2018/03/23 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Mar 2, 2018] AIDS: An Epidemic of Uncertainty Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2018/03/02 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Feb 23, 2018] Gender, Sexuality, Stigma and Population Health Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2018/02/23 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Feb 16, 2018] Are CPCers Overweight(ing)? Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2018/02/16 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Feb 9, 2018] Surviving the Epidemic: Families and Well-Being, Malawi 1998—2013 Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2018/02/09 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Feb 2, 2018] Stress and mental health in humanitarian crises: A biosocial approach to program evaluation with Syrian refugees Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2018/02/02 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Jan 26, 2018] Considering the linkages between climate and health: A focus on women and children's health in sub-Saharan Africa Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2018/01/26 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Jan 19, 2018] Beyond Discrimination: Why Vigilance Matters for Population Health Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2018/01/19 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Jan 12, 2018] Integrating Behavior, Biology and Environment to Study Complex Pathways from Urbanization to Health Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2018/01/12 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Dec 1, 2017] When Should Researchers Use Inferential Statistics When Analyzing Data on Full Populations? Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/12/01 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Nov 17, 2017] From ‘Opt Out’ to Blocked Out: The Challenges for Labor Market Re-Entry After Family-Related Employment Lapses Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/11/17 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Nov 10, 2017] Framing the HIV Response For Those Most at Risk: The Granularity Challenge Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/11/10 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Nov 3, 2017] Data Collection for Network Sampling Approaches for Rare and Hard to Reach Populations: Lessons Learned Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/11/03 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Oct 27, 2017] Mother's Employment Patterns and Consequences for Adolescent Outcomes Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/10/27 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Oct 13, 2017] Analyzing Longitudinal Qualitative Data: Stories of How and Why Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/10/13 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Oct 6, 2017] Activity Spaces and Youth Development: Preliminary Findings from the Adolescent Health and Development in Context Study Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/10/06 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Sept 29, 2017] Of Men and Microbes: Social Determinants of the Microbiome Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/09/29 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Sept 22, 2017] 300 Million Test Scores and What Do We Know? Educational Opportunity and Inequality in the US Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/09/22 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Sept 15, 2017] Uncovering the Various Dimensions of Nutritional Disparities: Innovative Approaches and Public Health Implications Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/09/15 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Sept 8, 2017] A Cautionary Tale about Parental Involvement in Children's Schooling: How Parental Involvement Really Works Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/09/08 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Apr 21, 2017] Population, Health, and Environment Transitions in the Developing World Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/04/21 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Apr 7, 2017] Demographic Dynamics and Population Responses to Varying Natural Hazard Exposures Across the U.S., 1970-2014 Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/04/07 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Mar 31, 2017] Machine Learning in Population Research Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/03/31 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Mar 24, 2017] Race, Nativity, Aging & Health: Critical Demography and Life Course Perspectives Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/03/24 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Mar 2, 2017] Demographic Trends in sub-Saharan Africa: The Role of Family Planning Programs Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/03/02 15:00:00 US/Eastern
[Feb 24, 2017] Farmer Cognitive Function and Agricultural Productivity Among Farmers in Bahia, Brazil Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/02/24 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Feb 17, 2017] Friends, genes, and schools: Evidence from Add Health Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/02/17 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Feb 10, 2017] Exemptions from Childhood Vaccination Requirements: A Geographic Analysis Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/02/10 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Jan 27, 2017] Residential segregation, political power, and preterm birth in the U.S. 2008-2010 Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/01/27 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Jan 13, 2017] The CPC legacy: integration of biological and social perspectives on health Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2017/01/13 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Dec 2, 2016] Dr. Dan Belsky, Quantification of Biological Aging Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/12/02 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Nov 18, 2016] Dr. Amy Tsui, Contraception, a Social Vaccine: Part I Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/11/18 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Nov 11, 2016] Dr. Clare Barrington, Mixed Methods in Population Research Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/11/11 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Nov 4, 2016] Dr. Robert Crosnoe, Mothers, Children, and Child Care in the U.S. Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/11/04 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Oct 28, 2016] Dr. Susan Short, Sex, Gender, and Health Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/10/28 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Oct 26, 2016] Who's Moving In Who's Moving Out? 2016/10/26 11:30:00 GMT-4
[Oct 14, 2016] Dr. Ilene Speizer and Dr. David Guilkey, The Individual’s Choice of Facility for Maternal Health and Family Planning Services in a Dense Urban Environment: The Case of Senegal Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/10/14 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Oct 7, 2016] Dr. Siân Curtis, Do food security interventions benefit women?: Gender and groundnuts in Zambia Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/10/07 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Sept 30, 2016] Dr. Melinda Mills, A sociogenomic approach to fertility: combining demography, sociology and molecular genetics Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/09/29 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Sept 23, 2016] Dr. Joanna Maselko, Does Changing the Social Environment in Early Childhood Matter? Emerging Causal Evidence from Pakistan Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/09/23 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Sept 16, 2016] Dr. Jane Fruehwirth, Religion and Depression in Adolescence Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/09/16 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Sept 9, 2016] Dr. Elisabeth Root, Health Systems Decentralization in Rural Honduras: Little Evidence for Improvements in Maternal and Child Health Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/09/09 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Apr 22, 2016] Dr. Ted Mouw, The Effect of Ethnic Enclaves on Job Matching and Wage Growth: Evidence using Co-worker and City of Birth Networks in the LEHD Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/04/22 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Apr 15, 2016] Dr. Francesco Billari, On the Road to Success? The Intergenerational Transmission of Disadvantage through the Transition to Adulthood Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/04/15 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Apr 8, 2016] Dr. Jenifer Van Hook, Dietary Acculturation among Mexican-origin Children Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/04/08 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Mar 4, 2016] Dr Audrey Pettifor, Cash Transfers to Prevent HIV Infection: State of the Evidence and Implications for Programs Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/03/04 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Feb 26, 2016] Dr. Ashu Handa, Global Estimates of Children’s and Young Person’s Food Insecurity using the Gallup World Poll Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/02/26 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Feb 19, 2016] Dr. Tod Hamilton, Selective Migration and the Health of Black Immigrants in the United States Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/02/19 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Feb 12, 2016] Dr. Jill Stewart, The Impact of Intensive Livestock Production on the Disease Ecology of Antibiotic Resistant Staphylococcus Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/02/12 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Feb 4, 2016] Dr. Lawrence Haddad, Can We Really End Malnutrition by 2030?: The Case For and Against The 2015-16 J. Richard Udry Distinguished Lecture 2016/02/04 15:30:00 US/Eastern
[Jan 29, 2016] Dr. Christy Avery, Using Genomics to Prevent Adverse Drug Reactions in Global Populations Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/01/29 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Jan 22, 2016] Dr. Siân Curtis, Household Decision-making, Gender and Groundnuts in Zambia Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/01/22 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Jan 15, 2016] Dr. Daniel Schneider, Fertility and the Great Recession Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2016/01/15 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Nov 20, 2015] Dr. Amy Herring and Dr. Annie Green Howard, CPC Research Methods Series: Cleaning Up After Missing Data: Pitfalls and Priorities Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2015/11/20 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Nov 13, 2015] Dr. Jason Boardman, Summarizing Interactions between People, Places, and Genes Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2015/11/13 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Nov 06, 2015] Dr. Kris Marsh, The Interrelationship between the Status of Singlehood and the Long-term Implications for Racial and Economic Inequality Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2015/11/06 12:00:00 US/Eastern
[Oct 30, 2015] Dr. Clare Barrington, CPC Research Methods Series: Stories and Themes: A Framework for Qualitative Analysis Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2015/10/30 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Oct 23, 2015] Dr. Luca Flabbi, Do Female Executives Make a Difference? The Impact of Female Leadership on Gender Gaps and Firm Performance Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2015/10/23 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Oct 09, 2015] Dr. Anastasia (Stacey) Gage, Child Marriage Prevention in Amhara Region, Ethiopia: Association of Communication Exposure and Social Influence with Parents/Guardians’ Knowledge and Attitudes Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2015/10/09 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Oct 02, 2015] Panel Discussion, The Unrealized Horrors of Population Explosion Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2015/10/02 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Sep 25, 2015] Dr. Valerie Mueller, The Migration Climate-Nexus in Central America Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2015/09/25 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Sep 18, 2015] Dr. Klara Peter, The German Occupation of the Soviet Union in WWII: The Long-Term Effects on Health Outcomes Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2015/09/18 12:00:00 GMT-4
[Sep 11, 2015] Dr. Duncan Thomas, Mexicans in America Interdisciplinary Research Seminars 2015/09/11 12:00:00 GMT-4
“Demography Daze” 2015 2015/05/14 13:00:00 GMT-4
The Theory of Change and Response: A New Agenda for Research on Population and Development in Africa Speaker: Dr. Yves Charbit, Professor Emeritus of Demography, University of Paris, Descartes 2015/04/24 12:00:00 GMT-4
Selection In Utero and Quality of Surviving Males in Historical and Modern Societies Speaker: Dr. Tim-Allen Bruckner, Assistant Professor of Public Health & Planning, Policy and Design, University of California, Irvine 2015/04/17 12:00:00 GMT-4
Competing Risk Data Analysis Speaker: Dr. C. Suchindran, Professor of Biostatistics, UNC-CH; Faculty Fellow, Carolina Population Center 2015/04/10 12:00:00 GMT-4
The Far-Reaching Impact of Job Loss and Unemployment Speaker: Dr. Jennie Brand, Associate Professor of Sociology, UCLA; CPC Training Program Alumna 2015/03/27 12:00:00 GMT-4
Early Environments, Inflammation, and the Perpetuation of Health Disparities within and Across Generations Speaker: Dr. Thomas McDade, Professor of Anthropology & Director, Laboratory for Human Biology Research, Northwestern University; CPC Training Program Alumnus 2015/03/20 12:00:00 GMT-4
Longitudinal and Multilevel Methods for the Multinomial Logit Model Speaker: Dr. David Guilkey, Cary C. Boshamer Professor of Economics, UNC-CH; Faculty Fellow, Carolina Population Center 2015/02/20 12:00:00 US/Eastern
No Control Group, No Problem? Using Natural Experiments to Evaluate National-Level Nutrition Initiatives in the U.S. and Mexico Speaker: Dr. Lindsey Smith, Research Assistant Professor of Nutrition, UNC-CH; CPC Training Program Alumna 2015/02/13 12:00:00 US/Eastern
The Perils of Precarity: The Impacts of Insecure Work on Individuals and Families in Industrial Societies Speaker: Dr. Arne Kalleberg, Professor of Sociology, UNC-CH; Faculty Fellow, Carolina Population Center 2015/02/06 12:00:00 US/Eastern
An Overview of Instrumental Variables (IVs) in the Social Sciences Speaker: Dr. Kenneth Bollen, Henry Rudolph Immerwahr Professor of Psychology & Sociology, UNC-CH; Faculty Fellow, Carolina Population Center 2015/01/30 12:00:00 US/Eastern
Linking Microfinance and Cell Phone Technology to Promote Optimal Breastfeeding Practices in Nigeria Speaker: Dr. Valerie Flax, Research Assistant Professor of Nutrition, UNC-CH 2015/01/23 12:00:00 US/Eastern
Identity Categories and Identity Construction in Demographic Research Speaker: Dr. David Kertzer, Paul Dupee University Professor of Social Science & Professor of Anthropology and Italian Studies, Brown University 2015/01/15 15:00:00 US/Eastern
Flash Presentations 2014/11/21 12:00:00 US/Eastern
Intergenerational Socioeconomic and Cultural Determinants of Latino Health: The NINOS Study Speaker: Dr. Allison Aiello, Professor of Epidemiology, UNC-CH; Faculty Fellow, Carolina Population Center 2014/11/14 12:00:00 US/Eastern
Social, Biological, and Environmental Linkages Speaker: Dr. Linda Adair, Professor of Nutrition, UNC-CH; Faculty Fellow, Carolina Population Center 2014/11/07 12:00:00 US/Eastern
Environmental Contaminants and Inequality in Chronic Disease Morbidity: Arsenic and Cardiometabolic Risk Speaker: Dr. Michelle Mendez, Assistant Professor of Nutrition, UNC-CH; Faculty Fellow, Carolina Population Center 2014/10/31 12:00:00 GMT-4
Incorporating Geographic Context into Randomized Controlled Trials: The Case of the Oral Cholera Vaccine Speaker: Dr. Michael Emch, Professor and Chair of Geography, UNC-CH; Faculty Fellow, Carolina Population Center 2014/10/24 12:00:00 GMT-4
Compression of Morbidity: Change over Time in the Morbidity Process Speaker: Dr. Eileen Crimmins, AARP Professor of Gerontology, University of Southern California 2014/10/10 12:00:00 GMT-4
The Demography of Natural Disasters: What Can We Learn from DesInventar? Speaker: Dr. Mark Montgomery, Professor of Economics, Stony Brook University; Senior Associate, Population Council 2014/10/03 12:00:00 GMT-4
Economic Boom, Population Aging, and Policy Shift: What’s Ahead for China? Speaker: Dr. Yong Cai, Assistant Professor of Sociology, UNC-CH; Faculty Fellow, Carolina Population Center 2014/09/26 12:00:00 GMT-4
MEASURE Evaluation: The Next Five Years Speaker: Dr. Jim Thomas, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, UNC-CH; Faculty Fellow, Carolina Population Center; Director, MEASURE Evaluation 2014/09/19 12:00:00 GMT-4
Psychosocial Influences on Clinical Outcomes Among Adults Living with HIV Speaker: Dr. Brian Pence, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, UNC-CH 2014/09/12 12:00:00 GMT-4
New Methods for Soliciting Responses to Sensitive Questions: Evidence from Adolescent Surveys in Ethiopia Speaker: Dr. David Lindstrom, Professor of Sociology, Brown University 2014/09/05 12:00:00 GMT-4
“Demography Daze” 2013 2013/06/13 12:45:00 GMT-4

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