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Communities of Practice

A central principle of knowledge management is that organizations can best foster the capture and exchange of knowledge through communities of practice – networks of people that identify issues, share approaches and make the results available to others. MEASURE Evaluation has created many formal and informal communities of practice that welcome new members:

AIMEnet - the HIV/AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Network

ChildStatusNet - a community for those working with orphans and vulnerable children

CEEME - creating enabling environments for M&E

DataUseNet - a community for those working to improve the use of data

GEMNet-Health - Global Evaluation and Monitoring Network for Health

Pima - a network for M&E professionals in Kenya

RELACSIS - a network for Spanish-speaking professionals working to strengthen health information systems

RHINO - the Routine Health Information Network

Organizational Networks

Social network analysis (SNA) is a thriving field. Much of the work in this field has been done with individual social networks, such as sexual networks. At MEASURE Evaluation, we’re working to apply SNA to organizational networks to improve health care coordination and integration.