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Knowledge Management

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Knowledge Management
John Spencer, MEASURE Evaluation

MEASURE Evaluation works closely with host-country institutions and other development partners to identify M&E user groups, assess their needs, and overcome constraints to reaching them. The team uses a knowledge management (KM) approach that proactively involves people, processes, and technology:

People - Engaging and motivating people to share and use knowledge consistently.

A central principle of KM is that organizations can foster the capture and exchange of knowledge through communities of practice – networks of people that identify issues, share approaches and make the results available to others. MEASURE Evaluation has created many such networks.

Processes – Establishing systems at the local, national and global levels to create new knowledge, gather existing knowledge, organize, share and adapt it.

MEASURE Evaluation KM processes include publication of carefully reviewed manuals, guides, other publications and tools, posters and media releases. They also include presentation at events, on-line training courses, and webinars.

Technology – Exploiting the potential of the convergence of modern KM theory and new computer technologies to make tacit knowledge explicit and make explicit knowledge more easily and widely accessible in a cost-effective manner.

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