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Organization Development

Organization Development Photo 650
Dan Williams, MEASURE Evaluation

MEASURE Evaluation provides customized Organization Development (OD) technical assistance combining state-of-the-art knowledge and extensive experience to strengthen management systems and leadership practices in Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) units.

The goal of Organization Development is to improve the effectiveness of an organization in achieving its objectives. This is achieved by identifying individual and institutional needs, current strengths and challenges, and then supporting the change processes and improvements necessary to achieve results.

MEASURE Evaluation defines OD as the strengthening of organizational strategies, structures, and processes in order to improve M&E performance. For MEASURE Evaluation, this involves capacity building in key management and leadership competencies, aided by proven elements of behavioral science that serve to motivate and inspire individuals and groups to outperform.

In order to achieve this outcome for the M&E units and training partners, the focus of the OD approaches is on strengthening management systems and leadership practices as well as building organizational and individual strength in the following key competencies:

  • Clarity of organizational vision
  • Comprehensive strategic planning
  • Effective organizational structure (with key systems in place and functioning)
  • Strong governance structure
  • Well-developed leadership capacity (teamwork, change management)
  • Strong management and human resource capacity (business planning; marketing strategies and practices; financial management systems; human resource management processes)

MEASURE Evaluation understands that performance in the technical aspects of M&E is greatly enhanced and sustained when supported by OD interventions that create stronger management systems under dynamic leadership. 

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