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Database of MEASURE Evaluation publications

MEASURE Evaluation has produced hundreds of publications about monitoring and evaluation in health program areas such as family planning and HIV/AIDS. Use the search engine to find publications available as free downloads. Some publications are also available in hard copy form and may be ordered by following the instructions after the relevant citation.

Child Status Index Training Manual
Cannon M (2014)
Здоровье женщин России: Российский мониторинг экономического положения и здоровья населения НИУ«Высшая школа экономики», 2012
Reynolds Z, Barden-O'Fallon J, Speizer IS (2014)
Pilot Test of a Violence-Prevention Curriculum among High School Students in Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Baseline Evaluation Survey Report
Gage AJ, Honoré JG, Deleon J (2014)
Adapting a Violence-Prevention Curriculum to the Haitian Setting: Insights from Focus Group Discussions
Gage AJ, Honoré JG, Deleon J (2014)
Short-Term Effects of a Violence Prevention Curriculum on Knowledge of Dating Violence among High School Students in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Gage AJ, Honoré JG, Deleon J (2014)
Fact Sheet: Homonegatividad Internalizada y sus Consecuencias Relacionadas con la Salud para los HSH en San Salvador
Andrinopoulos K, Hembling J. (2014)
GIS and HIV: Linking HIV Databases in Rwanda. A Case Study
Women’s Health in the Russian Federation: The Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, 2012
Reynolds Z, Barden-O’Fallon J, Speizer IS (2014)
Compendium of Gender Equality and HIV Indicators
Bloom SS, Negroustoueva S. (2014)
Spatial Patterns in Domestic Violence and HIV Prevalence in Nigeria
Oyediran K, Cunningham M (2014)
The Provision of Intermittent Preventive Treatment for Malaria in Antenatal Care Clinics in Malawi: Views of Health Care Providers
Yoder PS, Nsabagasani X (2014)
Integration Opportunities for HIV and Family Planning Services in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: An Organizational Network Analysis
Thomas J, Reynolds H, Bevc C, Tsegaye A (2014)
Assessment of Primary Health Care Facilities for Decentralization of HIV/AIDS Services in Nigeria
Fact Sheet: Evaluating Orphans and Vulnerable Children Outcomes
Child, Caregiver and Household Well-being Survey Tools for Orphan and Vulnerable Children Programs: Analysis Guidance
Internalized Homonegativity and Its Health-Related Consequences for MSM in San Salvador
Andrinopoulos K, Hembling J. (2014)
Existing Gap between Preferred and Actual Birth Intervals in Bangladesh: Relation to Fertility and Child Health. Analysis from the Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey 2011
Fuad MH, Khan SH, Jahan FA, Talukder SH, Shakhider MAH (2014)
Fact Sheet: The Evolution of Community-Based Distribution of Family Planning in Kenya
An Assessment of the Policy and Programmatic Evolution of the Community-Based Distribution of Family Planning Program in Kenya and Prospects for its Sustainability
Musila RN, Mueni E (2014)
An Association Between Neighbourhood Wealth Inequality and HIV Prevalence in Sub-Saharan Africa
Brodish P (2014)
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