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Database of MEASURE Evaluation publications

MEASURE Evaluation has produced hundreds of publications about monitoring and evaluation in health program areas such as family planning and HIV/AIDS. Use the search engine to find publications available as free downloads. Some publications are also available in hard copy form and may be ordered by following the instructions after the relevant citation.

Know Your HIV/AIDS Response: Southern Province, Zambia. An Examination of Program Implementers in the Nongovernment Sector
Gage AJ (2014)
Know Your HIV-Prevention Response: Southern Province, Zambia. Chart Book on Implementation of HIV-prevention Interventions by Nongovernmental Organizations
Gage AJ (2014)
Perspectives on Gender-Based Violence and Women’s Economic Empowerment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and Opportunities
Mejia C, Cannon A, Zietz S, Arcara J, Abdur-Rahman A (2014)
MEASURE Evaluation Capability Statement: Health Systems Strengthening
MEASURE Evaluation Capability Statement: Geographic Information Systems for Developing and Maintaining Master Facility Lists
MEASURE Evaluation Capability Statement: Evaluation
Assessment of an mHealth Initiative to Improve Patient Retention
do Nascimento N, Cannon M, Perales N, Chariyeva Z (2014)
Les opportunités pour atteindre les femmes qui ont un besoin non satisfait de planification familiale à Madagascar
Meekers D, Ratovonanahary R, Andrianantoandro T, Randrianarisoa H (2014)
Measuring Progress and Progress in Measuring: Strengthening M&E Systems for Avian and Pandemic Influenza Programs in Southeast Asia, 2006-2014
Outils d'enquête sur le bien-être de l'enfant, de la personne qui s'occupe de l'enfant et du ménage pour les programmes destinés aux orphelins et enfants vulnérables. Un manuel
Chapman J, Foreit K, Hickmann M, Parker L (2014)
Know Your HIV/AIDS Response: A Pilot Test of a New Service Mapping Tool Kit in Greater Accra, Ghana
Sutherland E, Laar A, Ghana KYR Study Group (2014)
Outcome Monitoring for Global Health Programs
Barden-O’Fallon J, Mandal M (2014)
Evaluation of a Mobile Reporting System for the Collection of Routine Malaria Data in Mali
De la Torre C, Unfried K (2014)
The Effect of Women's Property Rights on HIV: A Search for Quantitative Evidence
Tumlinson K, Thomas JC, Reynolds HW (2014)
Organizational Network Analysis: MEASURE Evaluation's Experience 2010-2014
Reynolds HW, Curran J, Thomas JC (2014)
Encuesta para la Evaluación de Línea de Base del Programa Integrado del Altiplano Occidental: Un estudio de caso en la práctica de evaluación
Taylor T (2014)
The Western Highlands Integrated Program (WHIP) Evaluation Baseline Survey in Guatemala: A Case Study in Evaluation Practice
Taylor T (2014)
Mapping Community-Based Global Health Programs: A Reference Guide for Community-Based Practitioners
A Case Study to Measure National HIV M&E System Strengthening: Nigeria
Kemerer V, Salentine S (2014)
Case Study Series: Community-Based Information Systems: Zambia
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