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Child Status Index

CSI Manual Cover Image

The Child Status Index (CSI) enables assessment of a child’s current needs, monitoring of changes in specific dimensions of child well-being, and identification of areas of concern that may be addressed through program intervention. The CSI enables community care workers to gather information in the following areas:

  • food/nutrition
  • shelter and care
  • protection
  • health care
  • psychosocial
  • education

The CSI was successfully field-tested for inter-rater reliability and construct validity in Kenya and Tanzania. It has been in trial use in other countries, including Ethiopia, Rwanda, India, and Cambodia, and MEASURE Evaluation receives regular feedback from field workers about the applicability of the factors and ratings to these contexts. 

Clarification Regarding Usage of the Child Status Index 

Child Status Index Manual

Provides a framework for identifying the needs of children and households, creating individualized goal-directed service plans for use in monitoring the well-being of children and program-level monitoring and planning.

Child Status Index Domains

Chart displaying the CSI domains, the goal for each domain, two factors of each domain, and descriptions of the four levels of well-being for each factor.

Child Status Index Made Easy

Contains both a pictorial and written form of the CSI and provides basic instructions for how to complete the CSI.

Child Status Index Pictorial Version

Presents the CSI domains, factors, and levels of well-being as pictures.

Child Status Index Record Form

Used to record background information and findings from the child assessment visit.

The Child Status Index Usage Assessment

Presents findings from a qualitative study on how the CSI is implemented.

Decision Making Among Community-Based Volunteers Working in Vulnerable Children Programs: Child Status Index Usage Assessment Phase 2

Collected data from caregivers who work directly with vulnerable children to explore how care decisions are made by community-based volunteers and the utility of CSI at the community level as a job aid.

Overview of Child Status Index Studies

Provides an overview of two CSI assessments.

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