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Virtual Leadership Development Program

A Cost-Effective Innovative Approach to Leadership Development

The VLDP strengthens the leadership capacity of health teams to produce organizational results. The program uses a blended-learning approach—on-site team meetings combined with individual work done on the Web site. Rather than giving a few top-level managers off-site training for one to two weeks, the VLDP works with teams of 4–10 participants over a period of 13 weeks. Each delivery is capable of involving up to 120 participants. Teams can all be from a single country, located in several countries of a region, or scattered around the globe. The VLDP guides teams in identifying and addressing real organizational challenges while strengthening their leadership skills. After completing the program, teams receive follow-up support through LeaderNet, a virtual leadership network where they can access materials, exchange ideas, and participate in events.

Features of the Program

  • Designed for both public and private sector managers and their teams, the VLDP is easily integrated with other training and technical assistance.
  • Key to the program’s success is its active facilitation, provided by experts in leadership and organizational development.
  • The program materials and workbook enable active participation.
  • Teams, rather than individuals, enroll in the VLDP as they are more likely to produce organizational change.
  • A blended learning model allows participants to stay in their work place and continue fulfilling their daily responsibilities.
  • Results-oriented teams focus on addressing real challenges.
  • Offered in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, the program can be readily adapted to other languages.


More information about VLDP

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