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Eleanor Seaton


Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychology

CPC Phone Number: (919) 843-5548

Campus Office: Davie Hall, Room 208
Campus Phone Number: (919) 962-2998

Dr. Seaton's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Seaton's Personal Home Page

Eleanor K. Seaton is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Seaton is a developmental psychologist who studies the social development of Black youth in a risk/resilience framework. Her current research focuses on perceptions of racial discrimination as a risk factor for developmental outcomes, racial identity as a protective factor for perceived discrimination and the relationship between perceived discrimination and racial identity development. Currently, Dr. Seaton uses diverse methodologies such as survey research and daily diary techniques among African American and Caribbean Black youth. Dr. Seaton is also interested in measurement as it relates to perceived discrimination and population of Black youth. Additional information about Dr. Seaton's work is available at

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Information updated on 4/24/2014