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Wave IV Questionnaire Flowcharts

As a service to the research community, Add Health has created flowcharts diagramming the logic and skip patterns in the Wave IV questionnaire. These files should be used in conjunction with the Wave IV codebooks and related information about the Wave IV instrument.

Flowcharts are a new feature of Add Health data dissemination and are available for Wave IV only. The table below lists the available flowchart files, as well as short descriptions of file contents, file size, and approximate number of printed pages. Section numbers correspond to the Wave IV questionnaire. All files are in pdf.

File Name
Description File Size (bytes) No. of Pages
 fc_sect01 Section 1: Overview and Demographics
 46KB  1
 fc_sect02 Section 2: Parental Support and Relationships
 58KB  5
 fc_sect03 Section 3: Relationships with Siblings
 46KB  1
 fc_sect04 Section 4: General Health and Diet
 47KB  1
Section 5: Access to Health Services, Health Insurance
 46KB  1
 fc_sect06 Section 6: Illness, Medications, and Physical Disabilities
 52KB  4
 fc_sect07 Section 7: Sleep Patterns
 46KB  1
 fc_sect08 Section 8: Household Roster and Residence History
 50KB  2
 fc_sect09 Section 9: Education
 69KB  1
 fc_sect10 Section 10: Military
 fc_sect11 Section 11: Labor Market
 56KB  4
 fc_sect12 Section 12: Economics
 48KB  2
 fc_sect13 Section 13: Religion and Spirituality
 47KB  1
 fc_sect14 Section 14: Social Psychology and Mental Health
 55KB  5
 fc_sect15 Section 15: Suicide, Sexual Experiences, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
 58KB  5
 fc_sect16a Section 16a: Relationships
 67KB  1
 fc_sect16b_c Section 16b and c: Relationships
 70KB  3
 fc_sect17 Section 17: Relationships in Detail
 54KB  4
 fc_sect18 Section 18: Pregnancy Table
 71KB  2
 fc_sect19 Section 19: Live Births
 50KB  2
 fc_sect20a_b Section 20a and b: Children and Parenting
 54KB  3
 fc_sect21 Section 21: Criminal Offending and Victimization
 49KB  3
 fc_sect22 Section 22: Involvement with Criminal Justice System
 54KB  4
 fc_sect23 Section 23: Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs
 127KB  12
 fc_sect24 Section 24: Mistreatment by Adults
 fc_sect25 Section 25: Daily Activities
 52KB  3
 fc_sect26 Section 26: Personality
 50KB  3
Section 28: Field Interviewer's Report
Section 29: Field Interviewer's Environmental Assessment