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Wave III Codebooks

The table below lists available codebooks and other files containing information about the Wave III instruments, as well as short descriptions of file contents, compressed file size and approximate number of printed pages. The files are in pdf, compressed into ZIP files for faster downloading. After you have downloaded the files, use a decompression software to unzip them and Adobe Reader to view and print them.

File Name Description File Size
No. of Pages
In-Home Interview
The Wave III In-Home Codebook is available in 38 sections. Each section provides the questions, variable names, and frequencies on a particular topic in the In-Home Interview. The documentation section contains information regarding the dataset, response patterns, weighting, and field work. The index lists all the questions and variable names from the entire young adult interview. Wave III Documentation: Information about data, response patterns, weighting, and field work 210KB 42 Wave III Weights: Codebook and instructions for using the Wave III weights 61KB 4 Add Health PVT: Wave III Add Health Picture Vocabulary Test 71KB 7 Section A: Preloaded and Constructed Variables 44KB 7 Section 1: Overview and Demographics 153KB 41 Section 2: Household Roster and Residence History 166KB 59 Section 3: Parental Support and Relationships 124KB 39 Section 4: Retrospective ADHD 39KB 7 Section 5: Relationships with Siblings 70KB 16 Section 6: Friends 179KB 65 Section 7: Education 283KB 90 Section 8: Labor Market Experience and Active-Duty Military Service 203KB 68 Section 9: General Health and Diet 57KB 14 Section 10: Access to Health Services, Health Insurance 63KB 13 Section 11: Illnesses, Medications, Physical Disabilities 68KB 18 Section 12: Social Psychology and Mental Health 45KB 10 Section 13: Mentoring 56KB 11 Section 14: Marriage/Co-habitation History and Attitudes 135KB 44 Section 15: Economics and Personal Future 102KB 30 Section 16: Sexual Experiences and STDs 82KB 24 Section 17: Table of Relationships 58KB 8 Section 18: Table of Pregnancies 36KB 3 Section 19: Relationships in Detail 218KB 87 Section 20: BEM Inventory 61KB 19 Section 21: Propensity for Risk 33KB 3 Section 22: Completed Pregnancies 79KB 18 Section 23:Current Pregnancies 68KB 13 Section 24: Live Births 60KB 9 Section 25: Children and Parenting 90KB 26 Section 26: Delinquency and Violence 45KB 9 Section 27: Involvement with the Criminal Justice System 135KB 54 Section 28: Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Self-Image 151KB 57 Section 29: Mistreatment by Adults 41KB 6 Section 30: Civic Participation and Citizenship 49KB 9 Section 31: Religion and Spirituality 85KB 21 Section 32: Gambling 34KB 3 Section 33: Daily Activities 69KB 20 Section 34: Biological Specimen Participation 36KB 4 Section 35: Interviewer's Report 39KB 5 Wave III Index: List of questions and variable names from the Wave III interview 243KB 62