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Annual Reports and Publications



Add Health Restricted-Use Data Contracts require that you submit annual reports to the Contract Administrator.  Annual reports must include the following:

  • A copy of the annual IRB approval for the research project
  • A list of public presentations at professional meeting using results based on Add Health data
  • A list of papers accepted for publication using Add Health data, with complete citations
  • A list of grants that have been awarded for the use of the Add Health data
  • A list of students using the Add Health data for dissertations or theses, the titles of these papers, and the dates of completion
  • A current data user roster including the names of all research staff member(s) who have access to data files and their relationship(s) to the project.


Publications and presentations using Add Health’s data


Any results produced from analysis using the Public-Use data or the Restricted-Use data are eligible for posting on our Add Health Publications webpage.  Please your completed references to us at any time (this information will also be included in annual reports but you may wish for us to post your work before submitting your annual report).  Please include the email address of the first author for all publications.