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Program Code for Race

Wave I in-home interview variables* used to construct RACE.

H1GI4 Are you of Hispanic or Latino origin?
H1GI6A What is your race? white
H1GI6B What is your race? black or African American
H1GI6C What is your race? American Indian or Native American
H1GI6D What is your race? Asian or Pacific Islander
H1GI6E What is your race? other

A single race variable (RACE) was constructed from the six variables listed above. If the respondent answered "yes" to section 1, question 4 (Are you of Hispanic or Latino origin?), that respondent was given a race designation of "Hispanic" and eliminated from any race category that was marked in section 1, question 6 (What is your race?).

In question 6, respondents were able to mark more than one answer, however they were placed in only one race category in the RACE variable. If the respondent marked "black or African American" and any other race, they were designated as black or African American, and eliminated from the other marked categories. The process was repeated for the remaining race categories in the following order: Asian, Native American, other, and white.

* The racial groups for the in-school questionnaire variables are listed in a different order.

Example code:

/* Hispanic, All Races */
if h1gi4=1 then race=1;
/* Black or African American, Non-Hispanic */
else if h1gi6b=1 then race=2;
/* Asian, Non-Hispanic */
else if h1gi6d=1 then race=3;
/* Native American, Non-Hispanic */
else if h1gi6c=1 then race=4;
/* Other, Non-Hispanic */
else if h1gi6e=1 then race=5;
/* White, Non-Hispanic */
else if h1gi6a=1 then race=6;

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