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Constructed Variables

Income Measures


The constructed household income variables have been completely revised in 2011, and individual income variables have been constructed as well. These measures are fully documented below in PDF format:

These files are longitudinal, with one observation per household or individual per wave. Income measures include:

Household Income (HHINC_00.sas7bdat)

          Total Annual Household Income, Nominal

          Total Annual Household Income, Inflated to 2009

          Per Capita Household Income

          Components of Household Income (Business, Wages, etc.)


Click here to review the codebook.

Individual Income (INDINC_00.sas7bdat)


          Total Annual Individual Income, Nominal

          Total Annual Individual Income, inflated to 2009

          Components of individual income (business, wages, etc.)


Click hereto review the codebook.


Follow the link below to "Download Constructed Variables" and select "Longitudinal" to find the constructed income files.


Nutrient Intake Variables (C12DIET.sas7bdat)

Nutrient intake variables are constructed. The unit of analysis for these files is individual.

Nutrient intake variables include:

Average Daily Calorie Intake (in kilocalories) for Each Survey YearAverage Daily Protein Intake (in grams) for Each Survey YearAverage Daily Fat Intake (in grams) for Each Survey YearAverage Percent Calories From Fat for Each Survey Year



Click hereto review the codebook.


Download Constructed Variables