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ID File


The CHNS Master ID File contains a single observation for every individual who ever participated in a CHNS Survey. It contains their individual (IDind) ID, their date of birth as a lunar and western date and their gender.

The CHNS Survey File contains a single observation for every individual who participated in a CHNS Survey in each WAVE. It contains their individual (IDind) ID, WAVE, their household (HHID) ID, their household member (LINE) ID and their community (COMMID) ID.

This file was created using the 1993 CHNS master as a baseline and using data from 1997 through 2011 to make additions and/or corrections. This file will be updated as more data are reviewed and as more data become available such as the 2014 CHNS survey data.

Special Note

A major difference in the new longitudinal files is that all Household IDs have been expanded from seven to nine digits. This change was done to expand the Neighborhood/Village identifier (T4) from one to two digits and to expand the Household identifier (T5) from two to three digits. All CHNS longitudinal files will have a six-digit community ID and a nine-digit Household ID.

Information on Those Who Have Died

Information has been added regarding those whose deaths have been reported in one or more surveys. In the 55 cases where a death has been reported more than once, the first reported date is assumed to be the most accurate (unless missing) since it is the closest survey to the death.


The nationality variable was created from variables AA7A, AA19A, AB2A, AC9, or AD7 and has been added to the Master ID File.

Click Dataset Relationship Diagram, Master ID and Surveys for more information (code book).

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