Faculty Associates and Fellows Program

Faculty members have always played a key role in the work of the Carolina Population Center. When CPC was first created in 1966, the field of population research was very new, and scholars doing population research were not always aware of others' interest in the same issues.

Under Freymann's directorship, UNC faculty members were involved with the Center by simply having a stated primary research focus in population studies. In 1966, Freymann formed the Center as an interdisciplinary organization involving 77 faculty members from 20 academic departments on campus. He called this group "Faculty Concerned with Population Studies." See List of Faculty Concerned with Population Studies, 1966, below.

As CPC brought increased attention to the field of population studies on campus, and as it successfully developed population projects in the state of North Carolina and throughout the world, more faculty members from North Carolina became interested in the Center. Freymann acknowledged the growing interest by welcoming faculty members from many colleges and universities to become affiliated with CPC. In 1972, there were 51 Faculty Associates from other colleges and universities, in addition to the 75 faculty from UNC. This involvement of academics from many institutions disturbed UNC administrators, resulting in a broad review of the role of faculty in the Center's activities. See List of Faculty Associates from Other Campuses, 1972, below.

With the departure of Freymann in 1974, and after Tom Hall resigned as director in 1977, Udry stepped in with a directive to develop a formal way that UNC faculty members were to be affiliated with CPC. Within a month of becoming director, Udry created the Fellows program.

The Fellows program was designed so that UNC faculty would be the "permanent scholarly body" and the core of the Center, and were "given the authority to elect subsequent Fellows under a set of guidelines which they developed and adopted." (Center Grant, 1983). Udry appointed the initial group of 33 Fellows from 13 academic departments. View list of initial group of 33 Fellows. Interview clip: Mabry recalls the origins of the Fellows program [AUDIO].

In 2006, the Fellows program had 57 Fellows from 16 departments, and 3 Fellows Emeriti. In total, there have been 102 CPC Fellows elected since 1977. See List of Fellows, 1977–2006, below.

Advisory Council

Udry also developed the CPC Advisory Council, a group of Fellows appointed to advise the Director on a broad range of issues related to the Center. Known first as "Fellows Council" and changed to "Advisory Council" in 1981, it was designed to allow input from different academic disciplines, and from Fellows who were at different stages of their academic careers. In 1981, Udry settled on having five Fellows serve on the council, each for a five-year appointment. Each year one Fellow is added to the council, and one Fellow is rotated off. See List of Advisory Council members through the years, below.


Faculty Concerned with Population Studies, 1966

This list can be reorganized alphabetically by Faculty Name or by UNC Academic Department by selecting the column heading.

Faculty NameUNC Academic Department
Abernathy, James R. Biostatistics
Adams, John B. Journalism
Arnold, Charles B. Health Administration
Barry, Edward G. Botany
Blackman, James H. Economics
Blake, Robert R. Radio, Television and Motion Pictures
Boatman, Ralph H., Jr. Health Education
Bowerman, Charles E. Sociology
Brame, Robert G. Obstetrics and Gynecology
Butler, Edgar W. Sociology
Cassel, John C. Epidemiology
Chipman, Sidney S. Maternal and Child Health
Cleaveland, Frederic N. Political Science
Cloak, Frank T., Jr. Anthropology
Coulter, Elizabeth J. Biostatistics
Daland, Robert T. Political Science
Danielson, Wayne A. Journalism
Easterling, William E., Jr. Obstetrics and Gynecology
Elston, Robert C. Genetics
Flash, William S. Health Administration
French, Frank S. Pediatrics
Freymann, Moye W. Health Administration
Garvin, O. David Health Administration
Gentry, John T. Health Administration
Glasser, Jay H. Biostatistics
Goethals, Peter R. Anthropology
Gourley, Geraldine Social Work
Graham, John B. Genetics
Greenberg, Bernard G. Biostatistics
Gulick, John Anthropology
Hamilton, C. Horace Sociology
Hawley, Amos H. Sociology
Honigmann, John J. Anthropology
Hulka, Jaroslav F. Obstetrics and Gynecology
Ingram, James C. Economics
Jain, Sagar C. Health Administration
Kaplan, Berton H. Epidemiology
Lachenbruch, Peter A. Biostatistics
Leasure, J. William Economics
Lenski, Gerhard E. Sociology
Linder, Forrest E. Biostatistics
Lucchesi, John C. Genetics
Lynton, Rolf P. Mental Health
Mathews, Betty P. Health Education
McCormick, J. Frank Botany
McGaughey, Harry S. Obstetrics and Gynecology
McMahan, Elizabeth L. Health Education
Morris, Naomi M. Maternal and Child Health
Mullen, James J. Journalism
Namboodiri, N. Krishnan Sociology
Nash, Ethel M. Obstetrics and Gynecology
Nash, Arnold S. Religion
Odum, Howard T. Zoology
Omran, Abdel R. Epidemiology
Pareek, Udai Psychology
Patrick, Ralph C., Jr. Anthropology
Pfouts, Ralph W. Economics
Pollitzer, William S. Genetics
Pope, Hallowell Sociology
Ranganathan, K.V. Health Education
Shaw, Donald L. Journalism
Siegel, Earl Maternal and Child Health
Simpson, Richard L. Sociology
Stirling, Deborah W. Radio, Television and Motion Pictures
Stiven, Alan E. Zoology
Stocking, E. Barbara Maternal and Child Health
Thibaut, John W. Psychology
Thomas, Mason P., Jr. Social Work
Tyroler, Herman A. Genetics
Udry, J. Richard Maternal and Child Health
Van Wyk, Judson J. Pediatrics
Vance, Rupert B. Sociology
Wallace, Wesley H. Radio, Television and Motion Pictures
Wells, H. Bradley Biostatistics
Wells, Roger B. Psychology
Whittinghill, Maurice Zoology
Wilson, Robert N. Mental Health

Faculty Associates from Other Campuses, 1971

This list can be reorganized by Faculty Associate Name, Academic Discipline or Department, or by College or University by selecting the appropriate column heading.

Faculty Associate NameAcademic Discipline or DepartmentCollege or University
Anderson, Donald N. Sociology Mars Hill College
Arvey, M. Dale Biology UNC-Charlotte
Bacon, Lloyd Sociology/Anthropology Western Carolina University
Bennett, D. Gordon Geography UNC-Greensboro
Boland, Walter R. Sociology/Anthropology UNC-Asheville
Brown, Louie A. Sociology Appalachian State University
Burden, Hubert W. Anatomy East Carolina University
Byrd, William C. Allied Health East Carolina University
Clifford, William B. Sociology/Anthropology North Carolina State University
Coble, Charles R. Science Education East Carolina University
Coley, Basil Economics North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Cope, William F. Sociology High Point College
Denton, Alfred M. Sociology/Anthropology Appalachian State University
Dial, Steve C. Biology Pfeiffer College
DiBona, Joseph Education Duke University
Edwards, Vivien Allied Health East Carolina University
Eldridge, Albert F. Political Science Duke University
El-Kammash, Magdi M. Economics North Carolina State University
Evans, Jeffery Economics Greensboro College
Foxx, Virginia General College Appalachian State University
Gade, Ole Geography Appalachian State University
Goodnight, Barbara A. Sociology/Anthropology UNC-Charlotte
Gardner, Bruce L. Economics North Carolina State University
Haulk, Charles J. Economics Appalachian State University
Hildreth, Philip E. College of Science and Math UNC-Charlotte
Keeter, Larry Sociology Appalachian State University
Kivett, Vira Child Development/Family Relations UNC-Greensboro
Knapp, Robert L. Social Sciences Winston-Salem State University
Knudsen, Hal Geography Lenoir Rhyne College
Lance, Larry M. Sociology UNC-Charlotte
Lyons, Schley R. Political Science UNC-Charlotte
Mitchell, David F. Sociology UNC-Greensboro
Monfort, Franklin W. Sociology East Carolina University
Mustian, R. David Sociology/Anthropology North Carolina State University
Myers, George C. Sociology Duke University
Naylor, Thomas H. Economics Duke University
Oyewole, Anthony Political Science North Carolina State University
Powers, Maurice Physical Science/Geography Elizabeth City State University
Rent, George S. Sociology UNC-Charlotte
Robinson, Prezell R. Sociology St. Augustine's College
Scaff, Alvin H. Sociology UNC-Greensboro
Scalf, John H. Sociology/Anthropology UNC-Wilmington
Shriver, Donald Urban Affairs North Carolina State University
Sullivan, John G. Current Issues Elon College
Suval, Elizabeth M. Sociology/Anthropology North Carolina State University
Thiele, Ronald Allied Health East Carolina University
Watkins, Edward D. Sociology Pembroke State University
Watson, James A. Child Development/Family Relations UNC-Greensboro
Williams, Eugene Institutional Research Fayetteville State University
Wynn, Naomi W. Nursing North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Zoph, Paul E. Sociology Guilford College

CPC Fellows, 1977 - 2006

This list is organized by entry year and alphabetically by last name. To reorganize the list, select the column headings for Fellow Name, Entry Year, Exit Year, or UNC Academic Department.

* Asterisk Denotes Estimated Exit Year

Fellow NameFellows Program Entry YearFellows Program Exit YearUNC Academic Department
Abernathy, James R. 1977 1985* Biostatistics
Adair, Linda S. 1988 -present Nutrition
Adlakha, Arjun L. 1977 1985* Biostatistics
Akin, John S. 1978 -present Economics
Allen, James E. 1977 1997 Health Administration
Angeles, Gustavo 2001 -present Maternal and Child Health
Azar, Edward E. 1977 1981 Political Science
Bauman, Karl E. 1977 -present Maternal and Child Health; Health Behavior and Health Education
Bender, Deborah E. 1996 -present Health Policy and Administration
Bentley, Margaret E. 1998 -present Nutrition
Berger, Gary S. 1978 1982* Obstetrics and Gynecology
Bilsborrow, Richard E. 1977 -present Biostatistics
Birdsall, Stephen S. 1977 2000 Geography
Blau, David M. 1985 -present Economics
Bloom, Shelah S. 2001 -present Maternal and Child Health
Boerma, J. Ties 1998 2002 Maternal and Child Health
Bollen, Kenneth A. 1995 -present Sociology
Brenner, William E. 1977 1983* Obstetrics and Gynecology
Brown, Jane D. 2003 -present Journalism and Mass Communication
Buekens, Pierre 1997 2004 Maternal and Child Health
Cogswell, Betty E. 1977 -present Family Medicine
Cohen, Philip N. 2005 -present Sociology
Curtis, Sian L. 2002 -present Maternal and Child Health
Darity, William A., Jr. 1996 -present Economics
Dow, William H. 1998 2004 Health Policy and Administration
Droegemueller, William 1987 1989 Obstetrics and Gynecology
Elder, Glen H., Jr. 1984 -present Sociology
Emch, Michael 2006 -present Geography
Entwisle, Barbara 1985 -present Sociology
Files, Laurel A. 1979 -present Health Policy and Administration
Florin, John W. 1977 2004 Geography
Freymann, Moye W. 1977 1996 Health Administration
Gordon-Larsen, Penny 2001 -present Nutrition
Graham, Otis L., Jr. 1984 1989 History
Guilkey, David K. 1981 -present Economics
Gulick, John 1977 2001 Anthropology
Guo, Guang 1994 -present Sociology
Hall, Thomas L. 1977 1978 Health Administration
Halpern, Carolyn Tucker 1998 -present Maternal and Child Health
Handa, Sudhanshu 2004 -present Public Policy
Harlow, Sióban 1989 1991 Epidemiology
Harris, Kathleen Mullan 1990 -present Sociology
Hawley, Amos H. 1977 1995 Sociology
Herring, Amy 2006 -present Biostatistics
Hertz-Picciotto, Irva 1992 2003 Epidemiology
Holt, Flora Lu 2004 -present Anthropology
Hulka, Jaroslav F. 1977 -present Obstetrics and Gynecology; Maternal and Child Health
Hussey, Jon M. 2001 -present Maternal and Child Health
Jain, Sagar C. 1977 -present Health Policy and Administration
Johnson, James H., Jr. 1993 -present Geography; Kenan-Flagler Business School
Jones, Daniel C. 1977 1982* CPC's Deputy Director of Administration
Kalleberg, Arne L. 1987 -present Sociology
Kalsbeek, William D. 1985 -present Biostatistics
Kaluzny, Arnold D. 1977 1978 Health Administration
Kasarda, John D. 1977 -present Sociology; Kenan-Flagler Business School
Kaufman, Jay S. 1999 -present Epidemiology
Kotelchuck, Milton 1989 2001 Maternal and Child Health
Lacey, Linda 1981 2002 City and Regional Planning
Laraia, Barbara 2005 -present Nutrition
Leslie, Paul W. 1991 -present Anthropology
Leukhina, Oksana 2006 -present Economics
Loddengaard, Robert A. 1977 1991 Health Administration
Meade, Melinda S. 1979 -present Geography
Mouw, Ted 1999 -present Sociology
Mroz, Thomas A. 1989 -present Economics
Namboodiri, N. Krishnan 1977 1985* Sociology
Olshan, Andrew F. 1992 -present Epidemiology
Omran, Abdel R. 1977 1985* Epidemiology
Pearce, Lisa D. 2002 -present Sociology
Peoples-Sheps, Mary D. 1990 1997 Maternal and Child Health
Perreira, Krista M. 2001 -present Public Policy
Polachek, Solomon W. 1977 1983 Economics
Polgar, Steven 1977 1978 Anthropology
Popkin, Barry M. 1978 -present Nutrition
Rindfuss, Ronald R. 1977 -present Sociology
Rosenfeld, Rachel A. 1981 2002 Sociology
Ryznar, Rhonda M. 1998 2002 City and Regional Planning
Savitz, David A. 1987 2005 Epidemiology
Setel, Philip W. 2005 -present Epidemiology
Siega-Riz, Anna Maria 1996 -present Epidemiology, Nutrition
Siegel, Earl 1977 2001 Maternal and Child Health
Speizer, Ilene 2006 -present Maternal and Child Health
Stewart John F. 2001 -present Economics
Stiven, Alan E. 1977 1983* Zoology
Suchindran, Chirayath M. 1977 -present Biostatistics
Sullivan, Jeremiah M. 1978 1983 Biostatistics
Swenson, Ingrid E. 1979 1996 Nursing
Thompson, Vaida D. 1977 -present Psychology
Thorp, John M., Jr. 2003 -present Obstetrics and Gynecology
Tsui, Amy Ong 1985 2003 Maternal and Child Health
Turchi, Boone A. 1977 -present Economics
Udry, J. Richard 1992 -present Maternal and Child Health; Sociology
Uhlenberg, Peter R. 1977 -present Sociology
Van Der Klaauw, Wilbert 1999 -present Economics
Walsh, Stephen J. 1998 -present Geography
Weir, Sharon S. 2001 -present Epidemiology
Wells, H. Bradley 1977 1983* Biostatistics
White, James W. 1977 1995 Political Science
Whitmore, Thomas M. 1993 -present Geography
Winterhalder, Bruce 2001 2002 Anthropology
Wolowyna, Oleh 1979 1981 Biostatistics
Zohoori, Namvar 1994 2003 Nutrition

Advisory Council Members, 1977 - present

* data missing for 1979–1980

** From October 1977 to December 1978, Fellows were appointed to Council for six-month terms. Beginning in 1979, terms became one year. In September 1981, Fellows Council was renamed Advisory Council, and appointments were changed to five-year terms.

This list can be reorganized by Fellow Name or by Council Term by selecting the appropriate column heading.

Fellow Name *Council Term **
Abernathy, James R. 1978 (June - December)
Adair, Linda S. 1992 - 1997
Addleton 1978 (August - December)
Akin, John S. 1990 - 1995
Akin, John S. (covered while David M. Blau was on leave) 2003 - 2004
Azar, Edward E. 1977 (October) - 1978 (May)
Bauman, Karl E. 1994 - 1999
Bauman, Karl E. 1977 (October) - 1978 (May)
Bentley, Margaret E. 1999 - 2003
Birdsall, Stephen S. 1977 (June - December)
Blau, David M. 2003, 2005 -
Cogswell, Betty E. 1981 - 1983
Cogswell, Betty E. 1977 (January - December)
Curtis, Sian L. 2004 -
Dow, William H. 2000 - 2004
Elder, Glen H., Jr. 1988 - 1993
Entwisle, Barbara 1986 - 1991
Guilkey, David K. 1996 - 2002
Halpern, Carolyn Tucker 2006 -
Harris, Kathleen Mullan 1993 - 1998
Hulka, Jaroslav F. 1982 - 1987
Hulka, Jaroslav F. 1977 (October) - 1978 (December)
Jones, Daniel C. 1981 - 1981
Jones, Daniel C. 1978 (August - December)
Jones, Daniel C. 1978 (January - May)
Kasarda, John D. 1978 (June - December)
Kaufman, Jay S. 2004 -
Leslie, Paul W. 1995 - 2000
Loddengaard, Robert A. 1978 (June - December)
Meade, Melinda S. 1984 - 1989
Mroz, Thomas A. 1991 - 1996
Pearce, Lisa D. 2005 -
Popkin, Barry M. 1984 - 1988
Rindfuss, Ronald R. 1981 - 1986
Rindfuss, Ronald R. 2000 - 2004
Savitz, David A. 1989 - 1994
Siega-Riz, Anna Maria 2002 - 2005
Suchindran, Chirayath M. 1981 - 1985
Suchindran, Chirayath M. 1977 (October) - 1978 (May)
Thompson, Vaida D. 1981 - 1984
Thompson, Vaida D. 1978 (January - December)
Tsui, Amy Ong 1987 - 1992
Turchi, Boone A. 1985 - 1990
Turchi, Boone A. 1977 (October) - 1978 (December)
Walsh, Stephen J. 1998 - 2003
Zohoori, Namvar 1997 - 2000

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