One of the primary research methods for the Carolina Population Center History Project was to collect oral histories from select persons who have contributed to CPC's development. The interviews are instrumental in understanding the Center's history. Interviews were conducted by Grace Camblos, a graduate student in Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Content from some of the interviews has been selected for the audio- and video-clips included here. A segment transcript is also provided. A list of interviewees is provided below.

Interviews Conducted

The following interviews were conducted for the History Project. In addition to these, numerous other interviews were conducted during the project's development.

Interviewee(s) Interview Date(s)

J. Richard Udry October 11, 2005, November 4, 2005 and December 5, 2005
Ronald R. Rindfuss October 26, 2005 and November 30, 2005
Don Thomas October 24, 2005 and November 16, 2005
Amy Tsui December 10, 2005
Barry M. Popkin December 16, 2005
Estelle Mabry December 6, 2005
Sagar C. Jain February 1, 2006
Joint interview: Judy Kovenock and Don Thomas November 22, 2005
Joint interview: Betty E. Cogswell, Vaida D. Thompson, and J. Richard Udry February 13, 2006
Joint interview: John S. Akin, David K. Guilkey, and Ronald R. Rindfuss February 21, 2006
Joint interview: Richard E. Bilsborrow, Chirayath M. Suchindran, and Boone A. Turchi February 24, 2006

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