Information for Lecturers and Consultants

Now that you've agreed to present a lecture at CPC or provide consulting with a CPC researcher, how do you get paid?  CPC must follow procedures established by the University of North Carolina.

  • Since there is a pre-approval process dictated by the University, an account manager from CPC will be in touch before you provide services. 
  • If you will be coming to Chapel Hill, your contact at CPC will let you know what lodging and airport transportation arrangements are being made for you.

  • If you are not a U.S. citizen, it is important that you let us know before you provide the service.  UNC and CPC strictly follow Homeland Security regulations regarding payments or reimbursements to non-citizens.  Let your CPC contact know if you are a non-citizen.  You should scan and email or fax your visa and passport information to Connie Padgett, Departmental Manager at CPC.  Her fax number is 919-445-0741.  It would also be helpful if you would include the name of your CPC contact in all correspondence.  If you have not yet requested a visa, contact Connie.

  • After the lecture or consulting, payment of a fee and/or expenses will be made in accordance with the rate agreed upon prior to the work.  Forms are provided to assist in your request for payment. 

  • Once we receive your request for payment and we submit it to the University business offices, it can take several weeks for a check to be mailed to you.  We appreciate your patience. 

If you have questions, your CPC contact or Connie will be able to assist you.

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