CPC International Travel Reimbursement


  • Immediately following submission of this form, deliver receipts to:
    • Your project's travel coordinator, if applicable.
    • Garrett Desorcie (international travel), CB 8120, 123 West Franklin St, Rm 2165G.
  • Submit ALL receipts including airfare, hotel, parking, and business-related travel expenses.
  • Tape (no staples or glue) small receipts with no overlapping to 8.5 x 11 sheet(s) of white paper, one side only.
  • Receipts for meals are not required. Receipts for taxis under $20 are not required; provide date, destination, and cost.
  • If you shared a hotel room, try to get a separate statement for your amount.
  • If you use an electronic ticket for air travel, include your boarding pass and your flight confirmation with receipts.
  • If you don't have a receipt, do your best to obtain one from the hotel, airline, etc.; otherwise submit a signed memo describing the circumstances and the cost.  Keep in mind, however, there is no guarantee for reimbursement without a receipt.
Did you get an advance for this trip?

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