CPC Travel Advance

Contacts for processing CPC travel:

  • the travel coordinator for your project
  • , CPC Travel Coordinator (CB 8120, Room 2165G, 123 West Franklin St)


  • For more detailed travel advice, please review the Advice for the Bewildered CPC Traveler
  • To get a routine advance, you must submit this form no less than 10 working days before your trip.
  • ONLY students, post-doctoral travelers and any UNC personnel traveling internationally may request travel advances for meals and hotels at the appropriate per diem rate.  Permanent employees traveling domestically are not eligible.
  • Attn: CPC Trainees - If you are requesting use of Trainee Travel funds for travel other than PAA, you must forward written approval from .
  • CPC must have a University Travel Agreement for you on file. Print, sign, and mail it to Garrett.
  • U.S. carriers are required if the trip is funded with federal money. This is particularly important when flying internationally. If you cannot find an U.S. carrier or are uncertain about funding type, email before you make your reservations.
  • Deliver completed conference registration forms to Garrett (domestic/international) immediately following submission of this form.
  • Email before reserving rental cars as a means of transportation. UNC has strict policies about them.
  • Enter the number of working days for your trip so meals can be estimated. They are paid on a per diem basis.
  • Keep ALL receipts including airfare, hotel, parking, taxis, and other business related travel expenses. Receipts for meals are not required.


Begin Date Begin date
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End Date End Date
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Do you want an advance?

Please estimate the following costs:

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