CPC Library Policies

Circulation Policy

Courier Service Policy

Acquisitions Policy

Circulation Policy

The following policies apply to library materials housed in the Carolina Population Center (CPC) Library only. Reference materials and journals are available for in-library use and may be borrowed by CPC personnel for 24 hours.


CPC affiliates may borrow materials from the collection. Reference materials, bound journals and journal issues may be borrowed for 24 hours.

UNC-CH faculty, staff, and students may borrow materials from the collection. Reference materials and journals do not circulate to non-CPC personnel. A UNC One Card must be presented for identification.

Residents of the State of North Carolina who are not affiliated with UNC-CH may come into the library to materials in the collection. To borrow items, a library card for North Carolina residents must be obtained from Davis Library Circulation Department or Health Sciences Library and must be presented to check out CPC Library materials. Reference materials and journals do not circulate to non-CPC personnel.

Loan Periods:

UNC Faculty (including CPC Fellows): 180 days
UNC Graduate Students (including CPC Trainees): 90 days
UNC Undergraduate Students, UNC Staff, and other borrowers: 30 days

Returning Materials:

Materials can be returned to the CPC Library or to any other UNC library. The Library is open from 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday. The library is closed Saturdays, Sundays and on University holidays. CPCers can use their keys to access the Library when the Library is closed.

Materials from other UNC libraries can be returned to the CPC Library and will be routed via the Carolina BLU service to the home library.


All borrowed items are subject to recall after two weeks if requested by another user. Materials may be recalled immediately if needed by the library for binding, to put on reserve, or for a use deemed urgent by the library. Due date changes will be noted on recall notices and will supersede the date stamped in the item. If an item is not returned by the revised due date, fines will begin to accrue.


Renewals can be requested for up to three additional loan periods if the item is not requested by another user. Renew online. If you need assistance renewing your books, please contact the CPC Library.

Reserve Materials:

Some items on reserve must be used in the library; others circulate for various periods depending on the instructor’s wishes.

Overdue and Lost Materials:

It is the borrower’s responsibility to return all borrowed materials on time. Borrowers may request to receive overdue notices in paper format or via e-mail. Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy to users.

Grace periods:

UNC Faculty members (including CPC Fellows) have a 13-day grace period from the date the item is due. On the 14th day, fines begin to accrue. All other users have a 3-day grace period from the due date of the item. Fines begin to accrue on the 4th day.


Books begin to accrue overdue charges at the rate of $0.50 per day per item after the grace period has expired. The maximum charge for regular overdue fines is $25.00 per item. Fines are to be paid to the CPC Library.

Additional fines apply to books that have been recalled for another borrower. Recall fines add $0.50 per item per day to overdue items. There is no grace period for recall fines; fines begin accruing as soon as the book is overdue. The addition of the recall fine can more than double the total fine charged.

Lost items/Replacement fees:

Items are automatically declared Lost when 42 days past due. On the 43rd day, the CPC Library begins the process of replacing the item. Patrons are responsible for the cost of replacing the item (replacement fee: $100.00) plus a processing fee ($25.00). If the full price of the item is less than $100.00, the Replacement Fee will be the actual cost of the item plus a $25 processing fee.

Courier Service Policy

The library courier borrows and returns books and photocopies documents from other campus libraries.  If an item is not available on campus it is requested through Interlibrary Borrowing (ILB).  Courier services are exclusively for CPC's:

Postdoctoral trainees
Visiting scholars
Predoctoral trainees working on fellows' projects
Staff working on fellows' project

The library reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in the judgment of the librarian, fulfillment of the order would violate copyright law.

Submitting Requests

Courier request forms are available online or on the checkout stand across from the Reference Desk. Requests may be submitted online, emailed to cpclib@unc.edu, or submitted on paper. You may drop requests in the courier box on the checkout stand inside the library, Room 2030.

If requests are generated from databases, a printed or electronic copy of the citations will help to expedite the order.

Most requests are filled in two days. Missing or checked out items may take longer.

Delayed Requests

Library staff will notify you if a requested item cannot be obtained immediately. Possible reasons for delay, our action, and the delay time are stated below:

Problem Action Delay time
Already checked out Courier places a recall or an ILB (Interlibrary Borrowing) request. 2-4 weeks
Not held on campus Courier places an ILB (Interlibrary Borrowing) request. up to 2-3 weeks
Missing from shelf Courier checks again in a few days. If still not available, places a trace. If not found after 1-2 weeks, request is made through ILB. 1-2 weeks, excluding ILB time
New item not yet on shelf Courier places a hold and contacts owning library to request that processing be expedited. 1-2 weeks

Returning Courier Items

Return all courier materials to the CPC Library. The library courier returns all courier-obtained materials to campus libraries. Please do not return them to a campus library yourself.

Renewals, Fines, and Lost Materials

Renewals: Renewals can be requested if items are not overdue and/or not requested by someone else.  To renew, contact the CPC Library. If an item is overdue, the lending campus library requires that the courier physically return it before renewal. Most materials can be renewed two times and then the courier must return the item to the library to be checked out again.

Fines: It is the requester's responsibility to keep up with due dates.  As a courtesy, the CPC Library sends date due reminders (approximately two weeks and then one week before material is due) and overdue notices.  Fines and replacement charges on courier borrowed books are the requester's responsibility.  If you owe a fine, please give a check made out to the library from which the material was borrowed, or cash, to the CPC Library to settle your bill.  You will receive a receipt. Following are fines:

Library Amount of Fine
Davis $0.50 day
Health Sciences $0.50 day
Departmental Libraries varies
Interlibrary Borrowed $2.00 day

Lost Materials: Replacement costs for lost or unreturned materials begin at $100 per item.

Acquisitions Policy

The acquisitions policy is a guide for the selection of all new materials including acceptance of gifts for the library collection. The CPC Library collection is maintained primarily to support population research at the Carolina Population Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Acquisitions Scope

General Scope

The library collects major studies on population. A list of subjects covered by the collection is given in the Acquisitions Priorities list.

Geographic Emphasis

The collection is international in scope with emphasis on the United States, Africa, Asia, the Near East, the Middle East, and Latin America.


The major language of the collection is English with selected holdings in other languages. No systematic attempt is made to acquire items in foreign languages other than reference tools and education resources.

Dates and Editions

New acquisitions are limited to items published or issued within the past two years. Limited exceptions are made for older materials.

Types of Documents

The library collects books, book chapters, conference proceedings, working papers, journals, off-prints, government documents, technical reports, annual reports, and bibliographies as well as "fugitive" literature not obtainable through trade publishers. The library provides links within the UNC catalog to electronic documents and Internet resources. Audiovisual materials may be collected as appropriate to the content areas of this policy.

Gifts and Exchanges

The same criteria for selection apply to gifts and exchanges as to purchased materials.

Acquisitions Priorities

As Complete Coverage as Possible

  • Family planning
  • Fertility
  • Population and the environment
  • Reproductive behavior with emphasis on adolescents
  • Publications written by CPC researchers including trainees

Reasonably Complete Coverage

  • Aging
  • Health disparities
  • Immigration
  • Labor force (labor migration, working women)
  • Mortality (with emphasis on infant, child, and maternal)
  • Population diversity and inequality
  • Population policy
  • Population dynamics (as defined by POPLINE) not otherwise listed

Judicious Coverage

  • Spatial analysis
  • Internet and electronic resources reference tools
  • Research methodologies
  • Foreign language reference tools and education resources
  • Biomedical studies

Not Collected

  • Animal studies
  • Works on sex and marital therapy

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