E-mail from Springer Offering Automatic Compliance with NIH Policy May be Misleading

3/11/2008 3:49 pm -

The e-mail from Springer begins:  

"Do you receive research funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)? If so, as from April 2008 you will be required to deposit the final manuscript of your journal articles in PubMed Central and ensure free availability (open access) within 12 months of publication."

Please be aware that Springer is offering to publish the article using its Open Choice publishing option. Springer will deposit the article to PubMed Central and make it available immediately, for a charge of $3,000 per article.

This is NOT the only way to be in compliance with the NIH mandate. Though there are many benefits to open access publishing, this "offer" from Springer may mislead authors to believe that they must pay $3,000 per article to be in compliance.

Depending on the text in the copyright transfer agreement that you signed, you can deposit either the pre-print (manuscript before peer-review) or the post-print (manuscript with all changes from the peer-review process, but not copy-edited or formatted by publisher - NOT the galleys) to PubMed Central.

For articles that are accepted for publication in the future, if the copyright transfer agreement does not specify that the author has the rights to submit the manuscript to PMC, you are strongly encouraged to sign the Addendum (attached below, sign on page 2) and send it with the Copyright Transfer Agreement.

For information about the NIH Public Access Policy, see http://www.cpc.unc.edu/services/infoserv/library/nih_public_access_mandate

Please contact the CPC library if you have questions about the NIH Public Access Policy:

302 University Square East, (919) 962-3081, or cpclib@unc.edu.

Lori Delaney

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