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Editorial boards and publishers that do not currently have a policy supporting compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy may want to consider the following questions:

Will the editorial policy be adapted to allow authors to be in compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy? This can be done in one of the following ways:

  • In the editorial policy, state that the journal is in compliance with the policy and that manuscripts may be submitted to PubMed Central. 

  • In the editorial policy, state that the publisher will accept the NIH Addendum appended by the author to the copyright transfer agreement ( or similar permutations such as the one from Science Commons ( or an addendum from the author's university or institution.

  • Modify the copyright transfer agreement stating that the manuscript may be submitted to PubMed Central.

Which version of the manuscript will be permitted to be deposited in PMC?

  • Author’s final manuscript version: manuscript includes all modifications from the peer review process but is not copy-edited or formatted by publisher.

  • Final PDF version: Journal’s authoritative copy of the article including copy-editing and formatting.

What embargo period will be stipulated? 

  • The embargo period is the time period, in months, that the publisher retains rights to distribution of the article.

  • Embargo period should be stated as "immediately upon publication" or some time period between 1 month and 12 months.

How does the journal become a PMC journal?

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