Searching POPLINE


Author Search

Sample Request
I would like to know what Amy Tsui has written.

    1. Type Tsui, A*  (last name, first initial) in the "author" search box.  An asterisk after the first
         initial will retrieve all possible middle initials.
    2. Click Search button.


Literature Search

Sample Request

I would like to get some articles on environmental degradation.


    1. Type environmental degradation

in the "keywords" search box.

    2. Click Search






How to Print/Save/Email

    • To print, use the browser's print commands.
    • There is no straightforward way to save or email POPLINE results. To save or email results, highlight the results and paste them into a word processing file.


Popline Resources

A good online tutorial:  (This tutorial must be viewed in Internet Explorer.)

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