Searching PubMed

Access PubMed:

Author Search

Sample Request: "I'm looking for articles by Barry Popkin."

  1. Type Popkin B in the search box
  2. Click the Search button or press Enter key.  You must use last name and first initial to do an author search. PubMed recognizes a last name and first initial as an author search.



Literature Search

Sample Request:

"I would like to retrieve some articles on premature birth."

1. In the search box, type premature birth.

2. Click the Search button (or Press Enter key) PubMed defaults to searching both MeSH terms and text words.



3. For some topics, it may be useful to enter quotes around the phrase, type "premature birth" which will narrow the search and your results.

For help with a more complicated literature search, please contact CPC Library staff for further assistance.




Journal Search with Abbreviation

Sample Request: "What does “J Geriatr Psychiatry Neurol” stand for?

1. Click Journals database.

2. Type J Geriatr Psychiatry Neurol in search box and click Go button.


3. It stands for “Journal of geriatric psychiatry and neurology.”

*Use the same procedure to find the abbreviation of a journal title.

Saving, Emailing, and Printing Results

UNC's Health Science Library provides great instructions on saving, e-mailing, and printing results: 

PubMed Resources

A good online tutorial:

National Library of Medicine provides a PubMed brochure which is helpful:

UNC's Health Sciences Library provides a "PubMed Ten Tips" Guide:

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