Cartographic Design and Visualization

If a picture is worth a thousand words... then a map is worth a thousand pictures...
- Bill Buckingham, University of Wisconsin-Madison Applied Population Laboratory

Maps allow us to see patterns and understand the geographic nature of data in a way that can never be obtained through a table of numbers. Whether it is a single variable mapped at the district level or a complex mixture of points, lines and areas that convey a message, maps are an invaluable resource for researchers during the course of a project or when presenting finding at a conference or in a peer-reviewed journal.

Spatial Analysis Services staff utilize standard cartographic practices and innovative techniques to design maps that meet the needs of Fellows and trainees at CPC, from large-format maps used in fieldwork, to interim maps that help researchers understand their data during the course of a projects, to professionally designed mapTanzania maps for presentation of results.

Mozambique map

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