The searchable list below includes peer-reviewed publications by CPC fellows, predoctoral trainees, postdoctoral scholars, and professional staff during the period of 2004 - present. 

Additional publications by our research projects and their collaborative communities may be found on their respective web sites such as:

Carrasco, Maria Augusta; Nguyen, Trang Q.; Barrington, Clare; Perez, Martha; Donastorg, Yeycy A.; & Kerrigan, Deanna L. (2018). HIV Stigma Mediates the Association between Social Cohesion and Consistent Condom Use among Female Sex Workers Living with HIV in the Dominican Republic. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 47(5), 1529-39.

Cates, Jordan E.; Westreich, Daniel J.; Unger, Holger W.; Bauserman, Melissa S.; Adair, Linda S.; Cole, Stephen R.; Meshnick, Steven R.; & Rogerson, Stephen J., for the Maternal Malaria and Malnutrition (M3) Initiative. (2018). Intermittent Preventive Therapy in Pregnancy and Incidence of Low Birth Weight in Malaria-Endemic Countries. American Journal of Public Health, 108(3), 399-406. PMCID: PMC5803815

Cernigliaro, Dana; Barrington, Clare; Perez, Martha; Donastorg, Yeycy A.; & Kerrigan, Deanna L. (2018). Factors Related to Fertility Desire among Female Sex Workers Living with HIV in the Dominican Republic. BMC Women's Health, 18, 117. PMCID: PMC6029388

Chamie, Gabriel; Schaffer, Elisabeth M.; Ndyabakira, Alex; Emperador, Devy M.; Kwarisiima, Dalsone; Camlin, Carol S.; Havlir, Diane V.; Kahn, James G.; Kamya, Moses R.; & Thirumurthy, Harsha. (2018). Comparative Effectiveness of Novel Nonmonetary Incentives to Promote HIV Testing: A Randomized Trial. AIDS, 32(11), 1443-51. PMCID: PMC6112858

Chauhan, Suneet P.; Weiner, Steven J.; Saade, George R.; Belfort, Michael A.; Reddy, Uma M.; Thorp, John M., Jr.; Tita, Alan T. N.; Miller, Russell S.; Dinsmoor, Mara J.; McKenna, David S.; Stetzer, Bradley; Rouse, Dwight J.; Gibbs, Ronald S.; El-Sayed, Yasser Y.; Sorokin, Yoram; & Caritis, Steve N., for the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Maternal-Fetal Medicine Units (MFMU) Network. (2018). Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Tracing among Small-for-Gestational Age Compared with Appropriate-for-Gestational-Age Neonates. Obstetrics & Gynecology, 132(4), 1019-25. NIHMSID: NIHMS980072

Chen, Jinsong; Patel, Sanjay R.; Redline, Susan; Durazo-Arvizu, Ramon; Garside, Daniel B.; Reid, Kathryn J.; Lash, James; Sotres-Alvarez, Daniela T.; Gallo, Linda C.; Petrov, Megan E.; Perreira, Krista M.; Talavera, Gregory A.; Ramos, Alberto R.; Zee, Phyllis; & Daviglus, Martha L. (2018). Weekly Sleep Trajectories and Their Associations with Obesity and Hypertension in the Hispanic/Latino Population. Sleep, 41(10), zsy150. PMCID: PMC6187108

Chen, Ping; Hussey, Jon M.; & Monbureau, Timothy O. (2018). Depression and Antidepressant Use among Asian and Hispanic Adults: Association with Immigrant Generation and Language Use. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 20(3), 619-31.

Chintalapudi, Nainisha; Hamela, Gloria; Mofolo, Innocent A.; Maman, Suzanne; Hosseinipour, Mina C.; Hoffman, Irving F.; & Flax, Valerie L. (2018). Infant and Young Child Feeding Decision Making and Practices: Malawian Mothers' and Fathers' Roles in the Context of HIV. Journal of Human Lactation, 34(1), 68-76.

Cho, Hyunsan; Mbai, Isabella; Luseno, Winnie Kavulani; Hobbs, Marcia M.; Halpern, Carolyn Tucker; & Hallfors, Denise Dion. (2018). School Support as Structural HIV Prevention for Adolescent Orphans in Western Kenya. Journal of Adolescent Health, 62(1), 44-51. PMCID: PMC5742035

Choi, Jaeun; Zeng, Donglin; Olshan, Andrew F.; & Cai, Jianwen. (2018). Joint Modeling of Survival Time and Longitudinal Outcomes with Flexible Random Effects. Lifetime Data Analysis, 24(1), 126-52. PMCID: PMC5756108

Chzhen, Yekaterina; Gordon, David; & Handa, Sudhanshu. (2018). Measuring Multidimensional Child Poverty in the Era of the Sustainable Development Goals. Child Indicators Research, 11(3), 707-9.

Cofie, Leslie E.; Barrington, Clare; Sodzi-Tettey, Sodzi; Ennett, Susan; Maman, Suzanne; & Singh, Kavita. (2018). A Qualitative Study of Women's Network Social Support and Facility Delivery in Rural Ghana. PLOS ONE, 13(11), e0206429.

Conron, Kerith J.; Goldberg, Shoshana K.; & Halpern, Carolyn Tucker. (2018). Sexual Orientation and Sex Differences in Socioeconomic Status: A Population-Based Investigation in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 72(11), 1016-26.

Creed-Kanashiro, Hilary M.; Wasser, Heather M.; Bartolini, Rosario M.; Goya, Cecilia; & Bentley, Margaret E. (2018). Formative Research to Explore the Acceptability and Use of Infant Food Grinders for the Promotion of Animal Source Foods and Micronutrient Powders in Rural Peru. Maternal & Child Nutrition, 14(4), e12600.

Crino, Michelle; Sacks, Gary; Dunford, Elizabeth K.; Trieu, Kathy; Webster, Jacqui L.; Vandevijvere, Stefanie; Swinburn, Boyd; Wu, Jason Y.; & Neal, Bruce C. (2018). Measuring the Healthiness of the Packaged Food Supply in Australia. Nutrients, 10(6), 702. PMCID: PMC6024847

Croffut, Samantha E.; Hamela, Gloria; Mofolo, Innocent A.; Maman, Suzanne; Hosseinipour, Mina C.; Hoffman, Irving F.; Bentley, Margaret E.; & Flax, Valerie L. (2018). HIV-Positive Malawian Women with Young Children Prefer Overweight Body Sizes and Link Underweight Body Size with Inability to Exclusively Breastfeed. Maternal & Child Nutrition, 14(1), e12446. NIHMSID: NIHMS853091

Cronin, Christopher J.; Guilkey, David K.; & Speizer, Ilene S. (2018). The Effects of Health Facility Access and Quality on Family Planning Decisions in Urban Senegal. Health Economics, 27(3), 576-91. PMCID: PMC5867202

Darden, Michael E.; Gilleskie, Donna B.; & Strumpf, Koleman S. (2018). Smoking and Mortality: New Evidence from a Long Panel. International Economic Review, 59(3), 1571-619.

Das, Ipsita; Pedit, Joseph A.; Handa, Sudhanshu; & Jagger, Pamela. (2018). Household Air Pollution, Microenvironment and Child Health: Strategies for Mitigating HAP Exposure in Urban Rwanda. Environmental Research Letters, 13(4), 045011. PMCID: PMC5909824

Davis, Brian M.; Foxman, Betsy; Monto, Arnold S.; Baric, Ralph S.; Martin, Emily T.; Uzicanin, Amra; Rainey, Jeanette J.; & Aiello, Allison E. (2018). Human Coronaviruses and Other Respiratory Infections in Young Adults on a University Campus: Prevalence, Symptoms, and Shedding. Influenza and other Respiratory Viruses, 12(5), 582-90. PMCID: PMC6086849

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