The searchable list below includes peer-reviewed publications by CPC fellows, predoctoral trainees, postdoctoral scholars, and professional staff during the period of 2004 - present. 

Additional publications by our research projects and their collaborative communities may be found on their respective web sites such as:

Britton, Laura E.; Berry, Diane C.; & Hussey, Jon M. (2018). Comorbid Hypertension and Diabetes among U.S. Women of Reproductive Age: Prevalence and Disparities. Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications, 32(12), 1148-52. PMCID: PMC6289742

Britton, Laura E.; Hussey, Jon M.; Crandell, Jamie L.; Berry, Diane C.; Brooks, Jada L.; & Bryant, Amy G. (2018). Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Diabetes Diagnosis and Glycemic Control among Women of Reproductive Age. Journal of Women's Health, 27(10), 1271-7. PMCID: PMC6205045

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Brugh, Kristen; Angeles, Gustavo; Mvula, Peter M.; Tsoka, Maxton; & Handa, Sudhanshu. (2018). Impacts of the Malawi Social Cash Transfer Program on Household Food and Nutrition Security. Food Policy, 76, 19-32.

Bryant, Amy G.; Speizer, Ilene S.; Hodgkinson, Jennifer C.; Swiatlo, Alison; Curtis, Siân L.; & Perreira, Krista M. (2018). Contraceptive Practices, Preferences, and Barriers among Abortion Clients in North Carolina. Southern Medical Journal, 111(6), 317-23. PMCID: PMC5989576

Burroughs Pena, Melissa Suzanne; Swett, Katrina; Kaplan, Robert C.; Perreira, Krista M.; Daviglus, Martha L.; Kansal, Mayank M.; Cai, Jianwen; Giachello, Aida L.; Gellman, Marc D.; Velazquez, Eric J.; & Rodriguez, Carlos J. (2018). Childhood and Adult Exposure to Secondhand Tobacco Smoke and Cardiac Structure and Function: Results from Echo-SOL. Open Heart, 5(2), e000831. PMCID: PMC6203071

Busch, Evan L.; Don, Prabhani Kuruppumullage; Chu, Haitao; Richardson, David B.; Keku, Temitope O.; Eberhard, David A.; Avery, Christy L.; & Sandler, Robert S. (2018). Diagnostic Accuracy and Prediction Increment of Markers of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition to Assess Cancer Cell Detachment from Primary Tumors. BMC Cancer, 18, 82. PMCID: PMC5769498

Busch, Evan L.; Whitsel, Eric A.; Kroenke, Candyce H.; & Yang, Y. Claire. (2018). Social Relationships, Inflammation Markers, and Breast Cancer Incidence in the Women's Health Initiative. Breast, 39, 63-9. PMCID: PMC5936641

Bustamante, Angela C.; Aiello, Allison E.; Guffanti, Guia; Galea, Sandro; Wildman, Derek E.; & Uddin, Monica. (2018). FKBP5 DNA Methylation Does Not Mediate the Association between Childhood Maltreatment and Depression Symptom Severity in the Detroit Neighborhood Health Study. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 96, 39-48. PMCID: PMC5698158

Butler, Ebonee N.; Bensen, Jeannette T.; Chen, Mengjie; Conway, Kathleen; Richardson, David B.; Sun, Xuezheng; Geradts, Joseph; Olshan, Andrew F.; & Troester, Melissa A. (2018). Prediagnostic Smoking Is Associated with Binary and Quantitative Measures of ER Protein and ESR1 mRNA Expression in Breast Tumors. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 27(1), 67-74. PMCID: PMC5760366

Butler, Lauren; Popkin, Barry M.; & Poti, Jennifer M. (2018). Associations of Alcoholic Beverage Consumption with Dietary Intake, Waist Circumference, and Body Mass Index in US Adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2003-2012. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 118(3), 409-20.e3. PMCID: PMC5828868

Cai, Yong; Feng, Wang; & Shen, Ke. (2018). Fiscal Implications of Population Aging and Social Sector Expenditure in China. Population and Development Review, 44(4), 811-31.

Calancie, Larissa; Allen, Nicole E.; Ng, Shu Wen; Weiner, Bryan J.; Ward, Dianne S.; Ware, William B.; & Ammerman, Alice S. (2018). Evaluating Food Policy Councils Using Structural Equation Modeling. American Journal of Community Psychology, 61(1-2), 251-64.

Calancie, Larissa; Keyserling, Thomas C.; Taillie, Lindsey Smith; Robasky, Kimberly; Patterson, Cam; Ammerman, Alice S.; & Schisler, Jonathan C. (2018). TAS2R38 Predisposition to Bitter Taste Associated with Differential Changes in Vegetable Intake in Response to a Community-Based Dietary Intervention. G3: Genes, Genomics, Genetics, 8(6), 2107-19. PMCID: PMC5982837

Calhoun, Lisa M.; Speizer, Ilene S.; Guilkey, David K.; & Bukusi, Elizabeth A. (2018). The Effect of the Removal of User Fees for Delivery at Public Health Facilities on Institutional Delivery in Urban Kenya. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 22(3), 409-18. PMCID: PMC5845052

Camacho, Alvaro; Tarraf, Wassim; Jimenez, Daniel E.; Gallo, Linda C.; Gonzalez, Patricia; Kaplan, Robert C.; Lamar, Melissa; Khambaty, Tasneem; Thyagarajan, Bharat; Perreira, Krista M.; Hernandez, Rosalba; Cai, Jianwen; Daviglus, Martha L.; Wassertheil-Smoller, Sylvia; & Gonzalez, Hector M. (2018). Anxious Depression and Neurocognition among Middle-Aged and Older Hispanic/Latino Adults: Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL) Results. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 26(2), 238-49. PMCID: PMC5752627

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Carlson, Alexander L.; Xia, Kai; Azcarate-Peril, M. Andrea; Goldman, Barbara D.; Ahn, Mihye; Styner, Martin A.; Thompson, Amanda L.; Geng, Xiujuan; Gilmore, John H.; & Knickmeyer, Rebecca C. (2018). Infant Gut Microbiome Associated with Cognitive Development. Biological Psychiatry, 83(2), 148-59. PMCID: PMC5724966

Caro, Juan Carlos; Corvalan, Camila; Reyes, Marcela; Silva, Andres; Popkin, Barry M.; & Taillie, Lindsey Smith. (2018). Chile's 2014 Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax and Changes in Prices and Purchases of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: An Observational Study in an Urban Environment. PLOS Medicine, 15(7), e1002597. PMCID: PMC6029755

Carrasco, Maria Augusta; Nguyen, Trang Q.; Barrington, Clare; Perez, Martha; Donastorg, Yeycy A.; & Kerrigan, Deanna L. (2018). HIV Stigma Mediates the Association between Social Cohesion and Consistent Condom Use among Female Sex Workers Living with HIV in the Dominican Republic. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 47(5), 1529-39.

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