CPC Computer Documentation Library - Online Catalog Instructions

The Online Catalog of the CPC Computer Documentation Library can be searched using the string search or the subject search. Only one search method may be used at a time. For example, you cannot limit a string search to a particular subject by using both search fields at once.

When checking out books in public documentation areas, don't forget to complete the sign out sheet located in that area.

String Search:
The 'Search for string:' field can be used to search for specific strings of text in the Title, Author, Location (Room Number), Subject, or Call Number fields. This string search is non-case-sensitive and will return matching results. Furthermore, this string search does not support boolean logic.

  • For example: A string search for 'Stata7' (no spaces included) will produce no results while a search for 'Stata 7' (with a space included) will return many results.

  • Exception: A call number on a book may be formatted differently than in the online catalog. Typically, any spaces appearing in the call number on the book are replaced with dashes in the online calalog.

Subject Search:
The 'Show Documentation in Subject:' field can be used to show all the documentation in a particular subject.

Legend for Translating the Call Numbers

Initials Last First
AC Cunningham Amy
* no longer at CPC
AH Herring  Amy

AS Not sure, probably initials of programmer in room 501 at the time

ASR Siega-Riz Anna Maria

AT* Tsui Amy

BB Buckner Bates

BL* Blackburn Boyd

BP Popkin Barry

BS* Springer Bonnie

BT Turchi Boone

CB Codebook

CC Cross Cathy

CE* Elkins Catherine

CH Halpern Carolyn

COX* Cox Christine

CW Ward  Cheryl

DB* Blau David

DG Guilkey David

DK Kaczor Diane

DM* Mancini Dom

DP Perrin David

DT someone in room 307, long ago since there is no 307 now

DXB* Blanchette Dan

EDV Van Duinen Ed

ES† Stone Erika

FD Dancy Frances

GA Angeles Gustavo

GG Guo Guang

GS* Stecklov Guy

IHP Hertz-Picciotta Irva

JA Akin John

JH Hendrickson-Smith Jan

JHS Hendrickson-Smith Jan

JK Kovenock Judy

JP* Parkinson Jonathan

JT Tabor Joyce

JT Terry Jim

JW* Williams Jude

JWT Terry Jim

JY* Yang Jeanne

KB Bollen Ken

KC* Chantala Kim

KG Gleiter Karen

KH Harris Kathie

KLG Gleiter Karen

LA Adair Linda

Lap Laptop

LB ?

LE* Evans Libby

LF Fuller  Larry

LH* Henderson Laura

LI ?

LK* Kline Laura

LW* Watterson Loren

M2 Measure

MB Probably some long gone postdoc

MC Cheng Mariah

MF ?

ML Lyerly Mandy

NDR Dole Nancy

NV Nvivo

NZ* Zohoori Namvar

PB Bardsley Phil

PC Personal Computer, used way back when to distinguish from unix apps

PN Newby Priscilla

PP* McGregor Steve

RD* Knight Rod

RJO O'Hara  Rick

RM* Marinshaw Ruth

RR Rindfuss Ron

SA Spatial Analysis

STAT Statistics

STORAGE books about data storage

TB* Boerma Ties

TH Heath Tom

TL Tong Lu (sp?), former unix administrator

TM* Mroz Tom

TS Swasey Tom

TVA Van Acker Tim

US user service

WF  no idea, maybe Fholer based on the location

WS unix workstation

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