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The Seminar Series continues this semester Thursdays from 12:00PM – 1:15PM in Gross Hall 270. We have an exciting lineup planned! Please arrive at 11:45AM for lunch. Seminars will begin promptly at 12:00PM.

  • 1/18/2024 — Lucie Schmidt, Robert A. Woods Professor of Economics, Smith College, “The Impact of Expanding Public Health Insurance on Safety Net Program Participation: Evidence from the ACA Medicaid Expansion”
  • 1/25/2024 John MacDonald, Professor of Criminology and Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, “Lessons Learned From a Citywide Abandoned Housing Experiment”
  • 2/08/2024Lindsey Bullinger, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Georgia Tech University, “Effects of Universal and Unconditional Cash Transfers on Child Abuse and Neglect”
  • 2/15/2024 — Jenna Nobles, Professor of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Race and Family Building in the US: Infertility as a Form of Contemporary Reproductive Equity”
  • 2/22/2024 — Laura Tozer, Assistant Professor of Physical & Environmental Sciences, University of Toronto, “Addressing Energy Poverty with Climate Action”
  • 3/07/2024 — Emilio Zagheni, Director, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
  • 3/21/2024 — Sarah Font, Associate Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, Pennsylvania State University, “Is Less Better? Revisiting the Role of Child Protection and Justice Systems within Vulnerable Families”
  • 3/28/2024 — Brittany Street, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Missouri, “Convictions, Incarceration, and Earnings in an Event Studies Framework”
  • 4/11/2024 — Seth Pollak, Bascom-Vaughan Distinguished Professor of Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Re-thinking Adversity: Early Life Stress from the Child’s Perspective”