CPC Director’s Advisory Council

The CPC Director gets advice from a representation of CPC Fellows called the Director’s Advisory Council.  With input from this five-member Advisory Council and the CPC Fellows Assembly, the Director sets goals and makes policy for the Center. The Council meets with the Director biweekly throughout the year, providing her with advice and raising issues of concern to the CPC community.

The CPC Director appoints five CPC Fellows to serve five-year terms on the Director’s Advisory Council. One member rotates off each year when a new one is appointed. By tradition, the College of Arts and Sciences and Gillings School of Global Public Health faculties are represented by at least two Council members, and diversity on other dimensions (e.g., academic rank, gender, and race/ethnicity) is valued.

The following is the roster of CPC Fellows on the Director’s Advisory Council:

Paul Leslie, Department of Anthropology [2013 – 2018]

Ted Mouw, Department of Sociology [2015 – 2019]

James Thomas, Department of Epidemiology [2016 – 2020]

Sian Curtis, Department of Maternal & Child Health [2018 – 2021]

Linda Adair, Department of Nutrition [2017 – 2022]

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