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PhD, Assistant Professor, Nutrition

CPC Phone Number: (919) 962-6150

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Examples of Albrecht’s recent work include: examining the association between inter-generational educational mobility and BMI in adulthood among young immigrants, investigating the social and environmental determinants of weight gain in Hispanics and Chinese immigrants, and exploring the role of ethnic enclaves in shaping diet-related outcomes in Hispanics. Her most recent work focuses on investigating the social and behavioral factors that contribute to Hispanics’ increased susceptibility to insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes.

Albrecht will continue to address a central challenge in diabetes research: prioritizing efforts to reduce race-ethnic disparities, and more specifically to understand its prevalence among Hispanics. Diabetes is higher among Hispanics compared to non-Hispanic whites, even after accounting for adiposity, and there is evidence that the underlying physiology leading to diabetes may be different for these two groups. However, although Hispanic ethnicity has been cited as a risk factor for diabetes, the term “Hispanic” is nevertheless a social construct encompassing enormous cultural, socioeconomic, and genetic heterogeneity, and representing a wide variety of national origins and social classes. Thus, to effectively intervene on diabetes disparities among Hispanics, an inherently social problem, it will be important to embed understanding of the physiological processes that contribute to glucose dysregulation into the broader social context. The overall goal of her future research is to understand how biology interacts with social and cultural factors to impact glucose metabolism in different subpopulations of Hispanics.

Primary Research Areas:

  • Population Health

Information updated on 1/23/2018

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