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Liana Richardson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Sociology

Liana Richardson's research focuses on the link between social inequalities and health, with particular interest in examining the social causes and consequences of racial/ethnic and gender disparities in health both within and across generations.

Richardson's research focuses on the link between social inequalities and health. Bridging her training across the health, behavioral, and social sciences, she has consistently engaged in transdisciplinary scholarship on health disparities, examining them as both causes and consequences of social inequalities within and across generations. Currently, she is conducting several studies to determine the relative importance of, as well as the relationship between, women's current versus past health behaviors and social contexts in explaining racial/ethnic disparities in adverse birth outcomes. She is also studying the contribution of these disparities to subsequent disparities in adult health, development, and socioeconomic attainment. In a new line of research, she is focusing on the social and environmental mechanisms that contribute to the accelerated aging of certain racial/ethnic minority groups relative to whites. Taken together, these research activities have the potential to reveal the social processes that influence the development of racial/ethnic disparities in health across the life course, the contribution of these disparities to the reproduction of social inequality across generations, and the most appropriate timing, targets, and strategies for intervention to interrupt these intra- and inter-generational processes.

Prior to her career in academia and for over ten years of her professional experience, Richardson also conducted applied public health research, program evaluation, and policy assessments for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Cancer Society, and several universities and foundations.