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Phindi Mashinini is a health and human services researcher with a background in experimental psychology. Her research work aims to more holistically understand and address pressing population health issues using integrative approaches and methodologies such as geospatial analysis. Her most recent work is in the area of vaccines, including vaccine hesitancy and vaccine policy. In her work, Phindi seeks to highlight demographic and geographic disparities in order to direct the best use of limited public health resources. 

As a native South African, Phindi is also committed to researching HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, and in particular the sociocultural and sociodemographic factors that influence HIV/AIDS progression. Her research in this realm aims to support culturally appropriate health interventions.

Research Interests

Vaccine hesitancy; vaccine policy; geospatial analysis; HIV/AIDS; social determinants of health


Paul Delamater, Audrey E. Pettifor