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Yu Wu, Economics, Applied Economics

Yu Wu is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the CPC, supporting a National Science Foundation PIRE (Partnerships for International Research and Education) grant in energy poverty. Her research interests broadly lies in applied microeconomics and econometrics. She is particularly interested in topics of environment and development, agriculture and land use, energy access and energy use, household dynamics and migration, public policy and impact evaluation. Her most recent research at the CPC investigates the role of deforestation and household dynamics as the determinants of household energy choice in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Prior to starting the research at UNC, Yu earned her PhD in Economics from North Carolina State University in 2018 and BS in Agricultural and Forest Economics from Beijing Forestry University in Beijing, China in 2012. Yu has received the provost doctoral recruitment fellowship, the outstanding bachelor’s thesis award, and twice the outstanding academic performance fellowship.

Research Interests

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Developement Economics, Agricultural Economics, Energy Economics

Dissertation title

Essays on Deforestation and Forest Ecosystem Services: An Economic Perspective

Faculty Preceptor(s)

Barbara Entwisle, Michael E. Emch

Yu Wu