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Marlous de Milliano

Marlous is a PhD Candidate in Public Policy focusing on social and economic policy in low- and middle-income countries. In her dissertation she analyzes the relationship between childhood stunting, school readiness and school attendance in Zambia, and the impact of large-scale national cash transfer programs on social support coming from family, friends and community members in Ghana and Malawi. The first paper uses a seven-year panel dataset on rural vulnerable households, while the other two papers use mixed-methods data from the impact evaluations of the programs. Prior to coming to Chapel Hill, Marlous worked for nearly four years at the UNICEF Office of Research in Italy, where she focused on issues concerning social protection, education and child poverty. Currently she is part of the Transfer Project team and is a predoctoral trainee at the Carolina Population Center.

Dissertation title

Three Essays on Household Economics in sub-Saharan Africa

Research Interests

Impact of social protection programs on human capital development and household well-being in sub-Saharan Africa; cash transfer programs; early childhood development; social support.

Faculty Preceptor(s)

Clare Barrington, Sudhanshu (Ashu) Handa