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Reed DeAngelis, Sociology

I’m a doctoral student in sociology at UNC-Chapel Hill, and a biosocial trainee at the Carolina Population Center. I study the social stratification of stress, health, and coping, with a particular focus on marginalized racial-ethnic and socioeconomic groups. My research synthesizes self-report, biomarker, contextual, and historical data to uncover biopsychosocial processes underlying broader population health disparities.

Most recently, I begun merging historical redlining geodata into  population health studies, to determine whether and how discriminatory lending practices from the New Deal era continue to impact the health and longevity of urban residents in the United States.

My research is currently supported by the National Institutes of Health and has been published in Social Forces, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Society and Mental Health, Sleep Health, Population Research and Policy Review, and Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, among other outlets.

Research Interests

Social inequalities in health; stress and coping processes; biomarkers of stress and aging.

Faculty Preceptor(s)

Allison Aiello, Robert Hummer