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Add Health Restricted-Use Data Contracts

New Contract

To apply for restricted-use data, please download and complete the Restricted-Use Data Contract using the CPC Data Portal



  • Roadmap shows you the process and timeline of an Add Health Contract approval.

Contract Renewal

Add Health Restricted-Use Contracts must be renewed every three years. Your renewal date is included with your approved contract. Please note that no processing fee is required for renewal. You can renew your contract through the CPC Data Portal. See our Annual Reports and Publications page for annual report requirements. 

Information Packet has instructions, information and guidelines for renewing your application. 

Add an Additional Person to Contract

For information on how to add additional researchers, collaborators, officemates, or information technology staff to your Add Health Restricted-Use Contract, navigate to the Add an Additional Person to a Restricted-Use Data Contract page.

Transfer Contract

If you are transferring institutions or transferring your Add Health Restricted-Use Contract to another researcher at your university, you must first obtain Add Health's approval. Please see the Transfer Restricted-Use Data Contract page.

Terminate Contract

If you will not be renewing your contract, please complete the steps found on the Terminate Restricted-Use Data Contract page.

Request Additional Data

If you have a current Restricted-Use Contract and would like to request additional data sets, please log in to your CPC Data Portal application to request the data. For more information how to request data please navigate to our CPC Data Portal FAQs.

If you do not have a CPC Data Portal application yet, please email  for instructions. 

Romantic Pairs Contract

For information on how to request the Romantic Pairs data, navigate to the Romantic Pairs Data Contract page.

Request Remote Access

Current researchers that are accessing Add Health data through a server and would like to gain access from another location (home, other office, etc.) should download the Security Information for Remote Access form and email it to .

Contract Questions

For questions regarding contracts, please navigate to our FAQ contracts page or email .