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Transfer Restricted-Use Data Contract

Inter-University Transfer

To transfer your current contract from University A to University B, follow these steps:

    • Email  of your intent to transfer your contract.
    • Destroy all electronic and paper files at the originally-approved site prior to the date of relocation.
    • Email  stating that all Add Health files have been erased with a secure erasure program listed in your security plan.
    • Return your data CDs by FedEx or UPS with tracking to:
                          Add Health Contracts
                          Carolina Population Center
                          UNC-Chapel Hill
                          Carolina Square, Suite 210
                          123 West Franklin Street
                          Chapel Hill, NC 27516


Intra-University Transfer

To transfer your current contract to another researcher at your current university, follow these steps:

  • Email  stating your intention to transfer the contract to a new PI (specify the PI).
  • Hold the data CDs in the secure location named in your Security Plan.
  • Add Health will email instructions for the transfer.