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New Data Releases

To apply for the any of these restricted-use data files:

  • New users will need to apply for restricted-use data. Please download and complete the restricted-use data contract using the CPC Data Portal.
  • Current Add Health users can log in to their CPC Data Portal application to request additional data. If you do not have a CPC Data Portal application yet, please email  for instructions.

For more information, please visit the Data Portal's Frequently Asked Questions page. 


Parents Phase 2 Family Health History, Disposition, and National Death Index Data

(Released: January 24, 2019)

The Parents Phase 2 Family Health History files contain data from the Wave I parent (n=2,247) and spouse/partner (n=1,118) who returned the Parents Phase 2 family health history leave-behind forms. The Parents Phase 2 Disposition File (n=20,745) contains the final disposition codes for Wave I parents selected for the Parents Phase 2 interview. The Parents Phase 2 National Death Index File (n=226) contains the underlying cause of death and days alive after the Wave I interview for Wave I parents selected for the Parents Phase 2 interview who are coded as deceased in the disposition file.


Wave IV: Polygenic Scores - SSGAC

(Released: November 30, 2018)

Polygenic scores (PGS) constructed by the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium (SSGAC) are available for Add Health respondents who provided archival saliva samples for genetic testing at Wave IV. This data file (n=5,690) contains educational attainment, cognitive performance, depression, neuroticism, and subjective well-being scores based on standard GWAS summary statistics and multilevel analysis (2 scores for each construct).  Additional multivariate analysis scores for highest level math taken and math ability are also included.


Parents Phase 2 (2015 - 2017) Data

(Released: July 20, 2018)

The parent data files contain social, demographic, behavioral, and health data collected in 2015-2017 on a probability sample of Add Health parents who were originally interviewed in 1995. Data for 2,013 Wave I parents, representing 2,247 Add Health sample members, are available. Additionally, 988 current spouse/partner interviews are available.


Wave IV: Ambient Air Pollutants Data

(Released: July 20, 2018)

The Ambient Air Pollutants data include 365 daily exposure estimates of the following ambient air pollutants for each Add Health study participant in Wave IV:

  • Particulate Matter:  PM2.5, PM10, SO4, NO3, NH4, organic carbon (OC), elemental carbon (EC), Fe, Al, Si, Ti, Ca, Mg, K, Mn, Na, and Cl
  • Gases:  O3, NO2, HNO3, HONO, H2O2, CO, and SO2; 2007 only: acrolein, acetaldehyde, benzene, butadiene, ethanol, formaldehyde, and naphthalene


Wave IV: Polygenic Scores (PGS)

(Released: July 20, 2018)

Thirty constructed polygenic scores (PGS) are available for Add Health respondents who provided archival saliva samples for genetic testing at Wave IV (N = 9,129). Scores are available for coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction, plasma cortisol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, triglycerides, type II diabetes (2), BMI, waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio, height, age at menarche, age at menopause, number of children, age at first birth, ever/current smoker, number of cigarettes per day, extraversion, attention deficit disorder (2), bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder (2), schizophrenia, mental health cross disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, and educational attainment (2). 


Wave V, Sample 1*

(Released: December 1, 2017)

Data from Wave V Sample 1 respondents who completed the survey between March 2016 and March 2017. This file is a partial release of data from 3,872 of the Wave V Sample 1 respondents (includes weights).

*Wave V, Sample 1 data is disseminated via Restricted-Use contracts only.  There will be no Public-Use data release for Wave V, Sample 1.