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New Data Releases

To apply for the any of these restricted-use data files:

  • New users will need to apply for restricted-use data. Please download and complete the restricted-use data contract using the CPC Data Portal.
  • Current Add Health users can log in to their CPC Data Portal application to request additional data.

For more information, please visit the Data Portal's Frequently Asked Questions page. 

Data Released (February 7, 2020)

Wave V Medications-Home Exam

This file provides the therapeutic classification codes, as well as numerous medication flag variables, to identify the types of medications taken by respondents for medications (both prescription and over-the-counter) reported at the Wave V Home Exam. 

Wave V Anthropometric Measures

This file contains anthropometric variables constructed from the measurements taken at the Wave V Home Exam.  The measurements include arm circumference, height, weight and waist circumference.  The file also contains BMI, as well as classification variables for BMI and waist circumference.

Wave V Cardiovascular Data

This file contains cardiovascular measures constructed from the three serial measurements of blood pressure and pulse rate collected at the Wave V Home Exam.  The measures include systolic and diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate, pulse pressure and mean arterial pressure.  Other variables included in the file are two classifications of blood pressure, flags based on self-reported medical history, an antihypertensive medication flag and a joint classification variable.

Wave I, II, III, IV & V Grouping Data

These location identifiers are based on 2010 Census geographic boundaries and are longitudinally consistent across all waves. Previous Add Health waves released location identifiers based on the most recent Census for that wave, and are therefore not comparable through time. These identifiers are based on Census block group FIPS codes.

Constructed SES Variables

These data include variables for social origins measured from information about their families collected from Add Health participants’ parents at the Wave I interview, social attainments measured from their occupations reported on the Wave IV survey, and neighborhood-level socioeconomic disadvantage using Census-tract-level data linked to Add Health participants’ addresses from Wave I and Wave IV.

Wave IV Constructed Current Relationship Status

This dataset contains variables that describe the current relationship each respondent had by Wave IV.

Wave I School District Data

The SCHDESG1 data file contains measures of average per-pupil spending during school-age years, the average racial school segregation during school-age years, and the number of school-age years of exposure to desegregation court orders or release of them (if applicable) for Add Health respondent residence at Wave I, as measured by U.S. Census block groups mapped to 1969 school boundaries.

Data Released (December 18, 2019)

Wave V Mixed-Mode Survey Data

Respondent data from the Wave V mixed-mode survey. (Comparable to Wave I-IV In-Home Interview)

Data Released (November 14, 2019)

Wave IV College Characteristics Data

College-level data were linked to each degree based on the institution from which the respondent reported receiving each degree.

Wave III & IV College Mobility Data

At Wave III & IV respondents who answered in the affirmative were then asked to report the institution from which they were currently enrolled or received this degree.

Wave I & IV County Health, Mobility, and Tobacco Tax Data

The Wave I & IV County Health and Mobility database summarizes the socioeconomic, health, and mobility characteristics of the environments in which Add Health participants were living at the time of their Wave I & IV interview.

Wave II & III Tobacco Tax Data

Wave II & III Tobacco Tax Data file supplements the County Health and Mobility database available for Waves I & IV.

Wave I, III & IV Sunset Data

These data present average sunset time over the course of the year for the respondent’s Census block group.

Wave IV PGS Risk-Tolerance

Contains polygenic scores for general risk tolerance, adventurousness and risky behaviors in the driving, drinking, smoking and sexual domains. Polygenic scores were created for unrelated, Add Health participants of European Ancestry. Score metrics were generated using Plink, LDPred or MTAG software using the UK Biobank GWAS study.