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Romantic Pairs Data Contract

New Romantic Pairs Data Contract

The Romantic Pairs data are available under a contract separate from the Restricted-Use Contract. To apply for the Romantic Pairs Data, use the CPC Data Portal. Below are the requirements for obtaining the data.

  • The Romantic Pairs Contract must be renewed every two years with an annual report, an updated Data Security Plan, and Institutional Signatures.
  • Submit annual report and updated Data Security Plan every year.
  • The only security plan option for housing the Romantic Pairs data is a stand-alone personal computer without network or internet connections. All software and hardware that would allow for these connections must be removed or disabled on the machine where the data are analyzed and stored. Laptops are not allowed.
  • There is only one authorized user of the Romantic Pairs data, which can be either the investigator or programmer
  • Collaborators who provide consultation will not have access to the data files and will be required to sign confidentiality agreements specific to the Romantic Pairs data. If other researchers are interested in working with the Romantic Pairs data, they must obtain their own contracts.
  • The computer used to store and analyze the Romantic Pairs data must have a password-protected screen saver set to activate after three (3) minutes of inactivity. This password must be at least sixteen (16) characters in length.
  • All temporary data analysis files must be deleted every three months at the beginning of every quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1) and recreated only as necessary to complete analysis.


Renew Romantic Pairs Data Contract

Email  for instructions on renewing your Romantic Pairs Data Contract.