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Redirect Temporary Work Files

Statistical applications may create temporary data sets during the execution of your programs. The location of these temporary working directories can be specified for each statistical application. You should configure your statistical analysis software to point the temporary work files to an encrypted temporary data directory (i.e., e:\tmpDATA) to ensure portions of your data set are not accessible by unauthorized individuals. You should then run the secure erasure program on this temporary data directory periodically.

Following are some popular statistical applications and directions for redirecting the temporary working directories.

  • To set Mplus to use a secured directory for temporary files, create the FORT_TMPDIR environment variable and assign it the name of the secured directory.


  •  Environment variables can be set for Rgui.exe and Rterm.exe in three different ways. See the following URL for instructions.


  • Add the following to the end of the "Target/Command" line in the properties of the SAS shortcut: -work "drive_letter:\secure_directory" (i.e.: -work "e:\ahd\tmpSAS").


  • In SPSS you need to manually set the temporary working directory. This is done under Edit, Options, Temporary Directory