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Wave V

Wave V Data Collection

Add Health plans to trace, locate, and re-interview cohort members in a Wave V follow-up during the period 2016-2018 to collect social, environmental, behavioral, and biological data with which to track the emergence of chronic disease as the cohort moves through their fourth decade of life.

Mixed Mode Survey

Wave V data collection will employ a mixed mode survey design, including an embedded component to analyze mode effects. The Wave V survey will be shorter than the Wave IV interview, which lasted 90 minutes.


Wave V will collect repeat anthropometric, cardiovascular, metabolic and inflammatory measures indicative of change in and/or onset of chronic disease, including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia. New biomarkers of chronic kidney disease, an emerging US health problem, will also be collected.

Birth and Childhood Data

The Wave V survey will obtain retrospective reports of birth and childhood circumstances to supplement existing early life data. To further enhance our measurement model of birth weight and other potential measures of birth circumstances and to begin to build an Add Health database of birth records, we will link administrative data from birth records to the longitudinal record of a subset of Add Health respondents born in six states.


The Wave V research team plans to establish cause of death among Add Health participants who have died since the project’s inception as part of the establishment of an infrastructure for reviewing, adjudicating and classifying chronic disease events.