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Add Health Codebook Explorer (ACE)

The Add Health Codebook Explorer tool allows you to see how variables are related to each other, either topically or across time. This tool helps you identify which variables you may want to use in your analysis.


Parent : PC20

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InstrumentVariableQuestion TextResponse Data
Parent PC20 For how long was {NAME} breastfed?
Response ValueResponse LabelFrequencyPercent
.missing = 25, no parent questionnaire (section C) = 3032305714.74
1less than 3 months248011.95
23 months to less than 6 months17488.43
36 months to less than 9 months11785.68
49 months to less than 12 months8844.26
512 months to less than 24 months9244.45
624 months or more2211.07
7(He/she) was not breastfed.950545.82
98don't know7063.40