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Add Health Codebook Explorer (ACE)

The Add Health Codebook Explorer tool allows you to see how variables are related to each other, either topically or across time. This tool helps you identify which variables you may want to use in your analysis.


W4 : H4ID6D

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InstrumentVariableQuestion TextResponse Data
W4 H4ID6D How old were you when the doctor, nurse or other health care provider diagnosed you with high blood sugar or diabetes {if female add, when you were not pregnant}?
Response ValueResponse LabelFrequencyPercent
00 years old10.01
11 year old20.01
22 years old50.03
33 years old30.02
3030 years old180.11
3131 years old150.10
3232 years old20.01
55 years old10.01
6-296 to 29 years old3972.50
97legitimate skip1525497.15
98don't know30.02