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Add Health Codebook Explorer (ACE)

The Add Health Codebook Explorer tool allows you to see how variables are related to each other, either topically or across time. This tool helps you identify which variables you may want to use in your analysis.


W3 : H3PG13

See related variables

InstrumentVariableQuestion TextResponse Data
W3 H3PG13 In which month of the pregnancy did you first see a doctor or nurse-midwife?
Response ValueResponse LabelFrequencyPercent
0before the first month*360.53
1first month129618.90
2second month100814.70
3third month6229.07
4fourth month2373.46
5fifth month1382.01
6sixth month961.40
7seventh month500.73
8eighth month280.41
9ninth month540.79
97legitimate skip311845.47
98don't know550.80
99not applicable280.41