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Constructed Variables

Researcher constructed variables are available to contract holders by request.  To obtain the following constructed variables please fill out and submit this request form.


Included in this file are a single race variable and a multiracial variable constructed from the Wave I race questions.  The Race codebook describes the construction of these two variables.

Citation: Udry, J.R.; Li, R.M.; & Hendrickson-Smith, J. (2003).  Health and Behavior Risks of Adolescents with Mixed-Race Identity. American Journal of Public Health, 93, 1865-1870.


This file contains four variables, utilizing five, seven, eight, and fourteen categories, to describe the household parental structure at Wave I.  The Family Structure codebook provides additional details.

Citation: Harris, Kathleen Mullan.  1999.   The Health Status and Risk Behavior of Adolescents in Immigrant Families.   Pp. 286-347 in Donald J. Hernandez (ed.),  Children of Immigrants:  Health, Adjustment, and Public Assistance.  Washington, D.C.:  National Academy Press.