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Ancillary Studies

Add Health has established a set of requirements for investigators seeking to add supplemental contextual or biological data to Add Health, under the auspices of an Add Health ancillary study.  

An ancillary study is any study that derives support from independent funds outside the Add Health Program Project, and does one or more of the following:

  1. Collects new, original questionnaire data on Add Health respondents
  2. Merges secondary data sources onto Add Health respondent or school records and requires personal identifiers (e.g., geocodes) to perform these linkages
  3. Collects new biospecimens from Add Health respondents
  4. Uses archived biospecimens collected by the Add Health study

Past ancillary study collaborations, such as the Obesity and Neighborhood (ONE) study, have added rich datasets to Add Health that have been used by thousands of researchers and greatly contributed to scientific knowledge.  

A brief introduction to the Ancillary Study proposal process is available hereBefore considering an ancillary study, be sure to review the existing Add Health datasets.

The ancillary proposal application forms are currently unavailable as the Add Health team focuses on finalizing the Wave V data for dissemination.  Add Health investigators and staff will resume receipt/review of applications after the Wave V survey and biological data have been disseminated.